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January 30, 2024


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Twynham huts erected on undisturbed desert would be sufficient!

I find the Frank Lloyd Wright proposed capitol beautiful. I like the imagination in breaking from the tradition of the cupola to denote the seat of government.

His vision was realized in the Marin County Civic Center, which employs similar motifs. Johnny Sanphillippo has a photo-rich critique of the building at his blog, Granola Shotgun. https://granolashotgun.wordpress.com/2017/07/03/yesterdays-visions-of-tomorrow/

Bobson, what is it with wanting to build palatial digs for corrupt politicians?
I cant ever recall calling a building beautiful.
Beautiful to me are places where not a human stucture cannot be seen.

My favorite building is 8 feet wide.
11 feet tall and 40 foot long with wheels. What more could i want?
A camping place for my dog Spot and i on the Serengity!

@Cal Lash, your favorite building is a bus?

Motor and wheels.
Queen bed
Inside bath and shower
A generator
Water storage
Biodegradable toliet.
Clothes hanger for an Antenna.
Two pairs of Levis and Earth First T-Shirts.
Recondition VHS
Dvd machine
All of Taltons books.

I'm currently taking a break from serious chit and Re-reading Katie Lee's
Ghosts of Dandy Crossing.
U might want to Google the book cover for Architecture.

Domes and symmetrical wings:


Joe, thanks for getting the column back on track. Interesting Bloomberg stuff but also a little stuffy.

Texas may have the Biggest State Capitol building. Of course!

But Jeffersons Virginia capitol building is more "magnificent."
Did i just say magnificent?

Time to beddown

Thank you for writing. Noibody does that anymore.

Jim, can one subscibe to Hermits Woodshed

Liked bicycles stuff

The statue on the top of the dome was basically a weather vane, but it was discovered that the prevailing winds meant that the lady was "mooning" downtown Phoenix, so it was welded to correct this problem for a time. (It may have been restored to its original purpose later, however.)

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