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October 16, 2023


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"Like Trump, who endorses her, Lake seems to generate free publicity every time she opens her mouth."

Ah yes - shades of the Arpaio Era, where every stunt was front page news despite costing taxpayers millions in fines.

I live in Ahwatukee where I have had to remove more than a dozen rattlesnakes over the past 15 years or so from my yard. I have also worked in LA for the last two decades. I will take rattlesnakes over Los Angeles any day.

Krazi Kari is a buffoonish sideshow. I think Sinema will clean her and a leftist Democrat's clocks. She was smart to bail on the Democrats when they got the vapors over the fact she wouldn't cater to the woke wing of the party--and did what she said she would do in Washington. Gasp, work across the aisle?? Same stupidity that comes from the maga wing of the Republican party, both parties registering their righteous indignation by censuring those who don't bow and scrape at the altar of ideology.

And by god, Democrats would rather be pure and virtuous in pursuit of an agenda--that will not fly in Arizona--than win elections. Sinema should be able to pick up both Republican and Democratic votes from the sane portions of that electorate, as well as a healthy slice of Independents. The other two are welcome to the extreme fringe leftovers.

Kyrsten Sinema is a corporate whore first, last, and always.

I forget, is that what she said she would do in D.C.?

Also, the opposite of "woke" is sound asleep.

Sweet dreams...

But Jon you grew up a green Oasis with concrete sidewalks and asphalt streets. In the early 50's in a dry gully in Sunnyslope a small Rattlesnake got stuck to my boot. My pal Wayne Hancock (no deceased) shot it behind its head leaving it stuck to my boot. We were hunting Tortises for sale.
Along with Chuckawallas.
And giving ASC proffessor Doctor Stanke scorpins.
LA vs Phoenix,NO CONTEST.

But as usual i repeat.
No Towns bigger than 100000. No structures over one story. Sajuaros not palm trees. God forbid Oleanders.
When i was born world population about 2 billion after a few million years.
83 years later almost 8 billion. Groan Malthus rolls over.

Lake vs Sinema.
Kristen has the upper hand.
Because she has the deal with the 12 Dudes and the corporate money.
" I can handle Russell."

But if Sinema goes for VP instead then its a whole nother thing.

Yesterday a Roadrunner used my garden patio for a killing field.
Big dinosaur bird vs a spiritual sparrow.

US, UK, Israel vs Palestinians and Iran.
God bless ??????¿?????
The gods 3000 year old
war games

You guys are still all talking partisan politics. You're surface scratchers.

Anglos (and other European-descended people) prefer to live in quiet, clean, orderly neighborhoods. We're unique in that respect.

When the vibrant diversity arrives (or is planted there) - with its gunshots, Norteno music, drag racing, and 7 rusty cars in the front yard - we move. Further and further into the desert.

So sue us!

AZ politics. U.S. politics. World politics.

Madness. Sheer Madness.

Roberta: Madness evolution:
The shift from Hunter/gatherer to agriculture to villages, to towns, to cities, to mega cities, to Mars.
Elon Musk and his 9 or 10 kids will seed new planets.
Madness indeed.

And almost 8 billion and counting

Will we embrace the
15 mintue village?

@DoggieCombover: Nope. Sinema is toast.

Next year's senate race will be about whether you are for Kari Lake or against her.

Sinema played 4D chess with herself and lost. Her going independent reveals she has no constituency. The voters that powered her to victory in 2018 are lining up behind Ruben Gallego, and recent polls show him first in a plurality.

The snarky liberal Substack Wonkette, setting aside the snarkiness and liberalism, does pepper this article with doses of reality and Sinema is facing strong headwinds:


For one, the GOP establishment is already lining up behind Lake, including senate colleagues who've worked with Sinema. Two, Sinema has not formally declared her re-election, and it has hurt her fundraising. Gallego is outraising her 4:1.

Three, the race is going to be decided by a couple thousand folks in Maricopa County. The votes are going to break like the Hobbs-Lake gubernatorial race. Tucson, Flagstaff and Indigenous voters are going to go for the Democrat, the rural counties are going to go for the Republican, and Maricopa County will be very close. Again, because Gallego and Lake are known quantities.

Most Sinema voters supported her because she was the Democrat, not because she was Sinema. Most disaffected Democrats are supporting Gallego. He also has won elections and his House district is racially and ethnically diverse. His service as a Marine makes him closer to a Mark Kelly than an AOC.

Bobson, logically accurate.
But I'll wait as Arizona is illogical. Still other happenstances floating in the fog.

Yup, it will be up to Maricopa, Tucson and Flagstaff.

Rural AZ is toast. Too crazy, too angry. Too far gone. The good news is that rural AZ is old, old, old. Soon pushing up daisies.

Rural Arizona is also growing like crazy. Places like Kingman, Bullhead City and Yuma are small but adding population like mad. And they are very red.

I can't think of the county names offhand, but there are a couple of rural blue counties that are essentially Indigenous reservations.

In the Hobbs vs. Lake contest, one thing that discredited Lake's claims of election fraud was that the votes continued trends consistent of previous elections, and all counties except Maricopa had 10+% margins for one candidate or the other. Maricopa was the only one that flipped Democratic, it was also by just a few thousand votes and the votes tracked closely with the statehouse split (GOP holds a slight advantage among the Maricopa delegation).

Bobson. I'm not smart enough to disagree with your logic.
But until we know what way switch hitter Kristen decides to go there are three looking at LDS support.
Gabby Giffords once told me she had to pull 33 percent of the LDS votes to win.

Blue and Red counties in AZ in 2022, visually:


Deep Blue: Coconino (Flagstaff), Apache, Pima (Tucson), Santa Cruz (Nogales).

Light Blue: Maricopa

Deep Red: Mohave (Kingman), Yavapai (Prescott), La Paz, Pinal (far flung, white metro Phx exurbs), Gila (Payson), Graham (LDS), Cochise, Greenlee

Light red in some state races: Navajo

Yo Derek, bet you’re a displaced tookie.

It has been proven through DNA sequencing that persons with names ending in Z, I or E have a propensity to park cars in their yard. So sue them.

Anglo - European descended? You mean EVERYONE except Native Americans?

Cities vs Rural
Interesting read,

"Beyond the Myth
of Rural America"
by Daniel Immerwahr.

When numbers matter.

"Anglos are Unique"
Sounds familiar.
Eve was not Anglo?
But how about
Adam from NE Europe?

Lots of US history about Anglos invading the Americas in the name of their favorite god since about 1450.

But then there's the "story" i like about the
"Zuni Enigma."
A book.

Seems about 4000 years ago some folks "possibly" from what we call Japan started building villages about 700 AD in what is now New Mexico.
So in 1539, the God of Spain gave Antoino de Mendoza his blessing to rid the Zunis of their spiritual beliefs.
That led to the head of the expedition, Moorish Slave, Estavancio to be killed by Zunis. In the long run Spains priest/soldiers quit.

What's unique about Anglos is shared by about 80 percent of humans.
The mythical belief in gods.
Many different gods.
And also unique is the continuing habit of murdering in the name of their gods.

My mom named me Calvin as she belived John Calvin and other Manifest Destiny folks had to tame the heathen savages because her god said.

Still no wooden nickel under my pillow this morning. One we think at 83 i would quit looking.

I'm guessing a rattlesnake wouldn't bite Lake, Ward, Rogers, Gosar, Biggs et al, out of professional courtesy.

Rogue, having had three near misses with rattlesnakes in my life, could you maybe change out the snake photo and put up a photo of a teddy bear or something like that.

Since the thread is winding down thank you in advance for your cooperation.

When people worry about Phoenix becoming “another LA” they’re quite obviously concerned with the negatives: endless sprawl, freeways everywhere (both things that have been criticized on this page), pollution, crime, homelessness, political climate (this one’s subjective as to whether or not you see it as a negative, I think both cities have their flaws in that regard). And while Los Angeles has amazing cultural amenities, it still remains one of the most racially segregated metros in the country, something which their progressive politics still have not found a way to mend. I’ve spent a couple of weeks in south central, and there is nothing in Phoenix that compares. It made me grateful that the “bad parts of town” here really aren’t that bad on a relative scale.

From a completely apolitical perspective, every time I’m in Los Angeles, it’s enjoyable for about two hours. Then all i can think about is how much I want to leave. It feels suffocating. Many of the supposed things that make Los Angeles “good” are mostly class restrictive, and are better enjoyed as a tourist than as a resident. I would take being a working class prole in Phoenix over being a working class prole in Los Angeles any day. I am envious of their weather though.

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