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October 02, 2023


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Thanks for this update.
But one should read or re read your
"a soft segregation was practiced " article on November 5, 2009.
A great in depth documented article.

You must have lived right up the street from where we were. We lived in the 300 block of west Cypress.

Class in Phoenix??

I'm guessing this exchange in Rodney Dangerfield's movie "Back to School" would define class in Phoenix.

Rodney was an adult student and he wanted a teacher to go on a date with him. When he would ask her out, she would say "sorry I have class that night."

Finally, Rodney delivered the famous line to the reluctant teacher,

"Alright then, just call me when you ain't got no class."

Historically speaking, Arizona and Phoenix were "the frontier" until just recently. It'll be a while before class gets here.

Premise being Phoenix, there is disagreement pertaining to the statement, "most ambitious government movement." Solving the nation's housing problems were front and center.

Self government never had visions of a classless population. Concept neighborhood design such as Forest Hills Gardens, in New York, began life prior to WWI. Achieving diversity was based on what could to tolerated. Great consideration was given to make congenial members to those who held similar standards to their own.

Later urbanist community designs as Sunnyside Gardens in NYC, Radburn in nearby NJ to Green Hills in southern Ohio and Greenbelt, in Maryland, all had the government nod to exclude Asian, Black and Jew. Change did not occur in 1948.

There are volumes of studies, throughout each decade of the past century, regarding pleasure of those on the inside and resentment from the majority on the outside. Lower income populations will forever struggle.

So tired of the "the schools just need moar funding" line. It's so obviously disprovable (BALTIMORE!!!) but nobody here will care.

Antony, Could you expand on your "Moar" funding.
There are some legislators that see no need to send to school females that have reached puberty.

Class - The system of ordering a society in which people are divided into sets based on perceived social or economic status.

Even the definition is troubling.

Economic is pretty cut and dried.

Perceived? Yikes, in these times we're living through??

I knew East Van Buren hookers that had more Class than most politicians.
It was Road Runner that named me The Red Dude.
But even prostitutes practiced class distinguishing.
Local hookers always complained to the cops when "Internationals" came to town because of convention event and big sports events.
The difference.

That's so cool that you lived across the street from Fred Harvey's relatives/descendants!

There's a new play called "La Posada" being produced right now at Prescott's Elks Theatre, and the ghost of Fred Harvey is one of the characters.

La Posada is a Winslow Arizona hotel.
According to some
"Fred Harvey is the man that civilized the West."

Is the play in Prescott related to the Hispanic
Las Posadas.

Cal, the play in Prescott is centered on the three people who saved/restored the hotel in Winslow.

A play in Prescott about Winslow? OK, if you say so.

When Karen Fann attends the play do people behind her ask her to remove her helmet? Then she responds, "that's not a helmet, it's my hair with three cans of hair spray".

Then do they ask her, "Karen, is it all that hair spray that caused you to ruin your entire legacy here in AZ by selling your soul to a New York con man"?

The play is at the Elks.
I cant go as membership requires mythical beliefs.

Rogue, this is not off subject cause it concerns Class in Show Low.

I went to the Elks Club in Show Low with a friend who was a member. The drinks were strong enough to knock out a bull elephant. Since the drinks were so generous, I left a larger than normal tip. I did this two weeks in a row. During week number three my friend and several other members pulled me aside and ordered me not to leave a large tip. They said it would spoil the help and that they would expect bigger tips from them.

If that ain't class, I don't know what is.

Economic and perceived.

I'm shocked that Show Lows main god allows alcohol to be served.
Probably in only Low Class places?

Note: NONES now are up to 30 percent.

Sure Cal,

SoCiEtY has spent approximately one hundred million billion trillion dollars on "education" and "dem programs" for "underprivileged" youth.

Baltimore's schools, for example, lead the country in per pupil funding, and are among the lowest in achievement. It's hilariously bad.



Anthony are you sure about that figure or are you applying to be Trumps new property appraiser??

AzRebel, have you looked at the current season's offerings of stage plays and musicals at ASU's Gammage Auditorium?

Plays in Tempe about Nutbush (TN), Detroit, Paris, New York City, Connecticut, Kabul (Afghanistan), London, and Neverland? And zero plays about Tempe, Phoenix, or Arizona? OK, whatever.

I don't think I've ever seen Karen Fann in person during my many years living in Prescott. Perhaps she doesn't get out much, what with all the soul selling and hairspray spraying.

The best plays are to attend the Arizona Legislature when in session

Farces are always fun.

Stupid people doing stupid things = endless entertainment.

Who knew they held plays and musicals in Gammage??

We thought the parking lot was for roller skating before going to the Spaghetti Company for dinner.

Did you know the building is shaped like the architectual symbol for a toilet?

Who knew it foretold our future with Grady Gammage and Arizona water fairy tales.

"Arizona fairy water tales"

You're welcome Cal.

It's a completely accurate number Helen. Not a funny joke either. -10 points. And I'm not even a Trump supporter.

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