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July 07, 2023


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Let’s see, I’ve had a crush on
Linda Ronstadt for 55 years and counting.

Make sure to stop and check out
Pancho Villas on a horse in Agosto Park.

Love Tucson.

Linda is arguably the most famous of the Ronstadts, who are sort of the Boston Brahmins of Tucson. :)

The Ronstadts, a German-Mexican family, became very prosperous through their early business holdings in the 19th century. They were also patrons of the arts, funding a music conservatory, music hall and theater.

@ Bobson -- you might find my photo of interest:


July 20th is the 100 year anniversary of Pancho Villa's assassination. He was shot dead in a Dodge automobile which may have resembled Bonnie and Clyde's vehicle considered the number of gunmen and shots fired.

He may have stood a better chance on a horse. Damn new technology.

Nice photos Joe. Roaming Arizona's wilds and finding old windmills is always a treat.

My family is branched out to all corners of Arizona and New Mexico. One of the main trunks of our family tree, great grandfather, ended up residing in Tucson. While he battled Indians and bandits and the desert in his day, I carried out my own battles with sand traps and a little white ball on the golf courses in north Tucson.

The AZ weather service has realized they were mistaken to randomly PICK a date for the start of the monsoon. Since three weeks have passed with no rain, they have decided to rename the weather phenomenon from Mon-soon, to Mon-later.

Let us hope it does not become Mon-Non.

Love me some Tucson. Great post.

Was hoping for a little Joe Banana's here :)

Tucson's biggest issue is "we don't want to be Phoenix." Hence, they have horrendous traffic issues, no freeways (except a glancing blow from I-10), no public transportation of any meaningful capacity, the worst streets in AZ 'cause we ain't havin' no taxes. I used to visit friends there quite frequently and dreaded navigating an hour-long crossing of town with surface streets the only option. The only civic rallying point is WILDCAT BASKETBALL!!

Phoenix -"we don't want to be LA"

Tucson - "we don't want to be Phx.

So busy not being something else, they ended up being nothing but a mess. Crowded, form less, can a city be just a growth on Mother Nature's skin?

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