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June 05, 2023


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Great article, thanks Jon. I'm sure there will be many fancy plans put forth, all without substance, and all approved. The corruption and greed will continue until Arizona is wrung dry like an old, tattered sponge, and the last drop of water is gulped.

I’m not going to post an update on justice delayed is justice delayed is justice delayed. Rogue will just steal it, put it in as a new column and make hundred$ if not thou$and$ of dollar$ and I’ll get squat.

This professional writing business is a dog eat dog world.

I wrote a book that shows the fate of Phoenix. "Return to Sanctuary - Plague"

And I said exactly what Jon has said for a long time. "We ain't got enough water."

Mariam Cheshire

One would expect many insane arizona politicians supported by destructive immoral developers to continue to murder the enviroment and thousands of species.

But Hobbs? A democratic "liberal?"
She gives 50 million to the pave everything ADOT?
Now she promises to make sure we dont die of thirst while bringing more water using industries, more tract housing and more residents? Doesn't that sound sweet?

I've been wanting to drop off a couple of old books just in case she didnt know or forgot.

Killing the Hidden Waters by Charles Bowden and Cadillac Desert by Marc Resiner.

Meanwhile in the real world the Coyote living at the Phoenix Country Club is feasting on residential cats and breeding local dogs.

When we are gone the Coyotes will rule.
Thats the "Good News" per Cactus Ed Abbey.

My, my, my such cynicism...now, I am not a Pollyanna or a denier, but some perspective is called for here. There is no doubt in my mind that the current path we are on is unsustainable.

But what we have here are projections based on a model--over a 100 year time frame!! This is simply voodoo, no way any meaningful conclusions can be reached over that time frame. Having worked with many professions using many models, two things I've learned: 1) Believers confuse models with reality, and 2) models are based on numerous assumptions, none of which can be reasonably verified, they are merely best guesses.

It's good to finally have the discussion about the shell game of the "certification" process at the highest levels of AZ government, but changes in technology, changes in behavior, and changes in codes and standards will obliterate those assumptions. Much as what is already happening in industry where they are becoming almost a closed system by treating and reusing water that goes into their processes. Phoenix is already talking about this. Something similar will happen with housing developments.

And if all else fails, as we all know, water flows towards money...

Doggie, I prefer the wisdom of the west.

Whiskey is for drinking, water is for fighting.

No nonsense back then. Life and death.

No models. Actual fact. We've had droughts here that have lasted 100 years. We're at about year 22. You can't solve drought issues for 7 million people by making the number 10 million people.

I agree with your modeling comments. They are manure as a general rule.

But the math. The actual math never lies. 7 million too much. Subtract, don't add.

When it came to land and water, my father-in-law was a very wise man.

And he used to say "never buy land off Project. Never." And he never did.

Barring a series of events so catastrophic that they're almost unimaginable, SRP will always be able to supply its customers.

The towns, businesses, and people living off Project are another matter. Good luck to them.

He also used to say that the only way to get people to conserve water was to charge them what the water really cost.

That day may be coming sooner than anyone thinks.

"the only way to get people to conserve water was to charge them what the water really cost."
Start with golf courses, please.

Aaand it's always go directly to demonizing golf courses. What about soccer fields, softball/baseball fields, (especially spring training facilities which are only used a few months of the year!), city parks, football stadiums etc. etc.?

The reality is, besides providing open space, reduction in urban heat island effects and other benefits, golf courses are the most intensely used outdoor facilities compared to any of the above. Golf courses provide recreation basically all daylight hours, year round. When's the last time you saw a baseball or football game at 9:00 AM?

Why Grass?
I remember many
SAND LOT games


Nevada is trying to eliminate grass and still coming up short on having enough water for the growing human population.

We need walls at all four borders and no population growth. As a result the Sun City die offs should reduce the population. HA!

But not to worry. Mohammed has approved the take over of world golfing.

8 billion and counting as we hurtle towards the Sixth Extinction.

"8 billion and counting as we hurtle towards the Sixth Extinction." (CL)

Here's the good news Cal, most of us won't be around to see it happen.

BTW DC, comparing a golf course to a soccer field is like comparing an elephant to an ant.

As far as Sun City, the largest number of homes sold here are to current residents already living in the state of AZ. Long live Sun City.

Now back to my quiet retirement where i don't give two shits about anything. Amen.

Bill, i have
great grandkids.

Personally i find golf as silly as tiddly winks.

U said
"Two shits about anything"
There in lies my reason for a die off.
Amen back to U

Ps. Did you burn those books i sent you?

I favor a 10 percent tax increase to all persons living in private aged restricted retirement communities such as Sun City's to be distributed to Arizona public schools but not so called Charter schools or to Private schools.

Many a racketeer did strike it rich by sticking a straw in Barry's ditch.

The ditch was co sponsored by Carl Hayden and Barry Goldwater with the backing of LBJ. Another president making a mistake on water. (T.R. and flood irrigation.)
Opposition at the time had a faint voice.

I just reached out to Edward Abbey, he spoke from his Great Sonoran Desert resting place and said,
Its time to shut down the Ditch.

Still got your books set aside to return to you Cal. Never burned a book in my life, never will. Surrounded by a library of great writers (and some not so great) and as much as my wife says get rid of them; i simply can't let them go.

Get a kindle. Save the earth.

Do you think paper grows on trees?

Never thought marriage could "last forever." Never did the aisle waltz. Not contributing to the worlds population, at retirement, my property taxes should be reduced 50%. Schools claim over 60% of this tax. Because of law... this overpayment reeks.

As an 82 year old republican
im all for public schools.
I don't mind the taxes.
But Private and "Charter" schools.
No tax money. No vochers.
Parents pay
Plus pay for public schools.

My first school was a one room country school. With a horse barn and 2 Outhouses.
Grades 1 thru 8 in the same room. One school Marm. It exists today as a Hostorical School house used as a community center.

"Property taxes."
I quit paying them 20 years ago.

How about
"one cannot own land but
lives with the land."

And in regards to this article
by Talton,
taxes on air and water are here.
When the WELL goes dry?

Legislature - freeways build more freeways. Shift the money from public (yuck) transit and build more freeways. Finish the 303. Start the 404 !!!!

Mayor - what? We ain’t got no stinking water shortage. We got too much water. Move here now. You ain’t gonna die of thirst. You might drown. Whatsa matter with you can’t you swim? Come on over.

If water is appropriately priced then water scarcity is nothing to be scared of. The arguments against more developments remind me of "peak oil" scare tactics or of the Simon–Ehrlich wager. I'd write more, buy I have a tee time at a championship golf course in 25 minutes.

Yep, ",appropriately" priced water will work.
Another way to reduce the human population.
I'd write more but i have important things to do. More important than chasing my balls around on the grass.
How silly!

Coyote spotted in my neighborhood (NW 12th Street & Indian School) yesterday. Neighbors freaking. They do not realize they are always nearby. Keep the stray cat population down.

Reading Charles Bowden books and wish I had started reading his work earlier.

Helen, my books are Sajuaro parchment.

Electric dog. Glad to hear you are liking Charles Bowdens "scribblings."
Chucks writting is not for everyone.
Thry are not novels.
But for some it is outstanding.
He was hired by folks associated with Tucsons educational institutions.
His resultant study got him fired.
The University of Texas turned his study into the book, "Killing the Hidden Waters" in 1977. It continues to sell today. Get the later copy with his Introduction.
When i turn on the faucet.

His book Red Line is pure Chuck.
Pushing the Accelerator.
Dakotah was found on his computer after he died. This book closley resembles a lot of my early years. Bowden and i were both born on a hot sweaty day atop the black soil of the midwest.

Blood on the Corn was about Reporter Gary Webb and the corrupt US government. It was published in Matter

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