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June 28, 2023


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Well done.

Well, we always stopped at Yuma for gas and a sandwich and I kinda remember looking at the front of the prison with no desire to go inside. So it was great to see the history of Yuma. Thanks for putting this together so well. Mariam

A place long on my "to visit" list, along with many others. Thanks.

Spent a week there one afternoon,

Understandable if Helen was with you.

Spending the day conducting business in Yuma then taking the "scenic" drive back to Phoenix, passing through the "garden spot" of Gila Bend, makes you feel for the folks who crossed that desert back in the old days.

That would likely be some Seri folks. Then some Spaniards.
I have driven phoenix to Yuma many times. I like the part between the Town of Maricopa and the area of Tacna.
Better yet a turn on 85 south will get you to beautiful downtown Ajo and then the wonderful Organ Pipe National Park and in to a great spot for an RV. Why Arizona!
Straight ahead for Puerto Penasco or left to cross the Tohono nation and onto Tucson

We've crawled around that part of AZ many times; it's full of history and ghosts. Anza came thru there twice on his treks to California - it was the only place to cross the river somewhat safely. The local indians were well built & tall and did not wear clothing - they knew a things of two about comfort in the desert. The prison is worth a visit - it was the first in the territory and has a fascinating history of its own.
Hasta la vista.

The Glanton gang went through in Blood Meridian. I forget whether a massacre ensued, but I’d bet that one did.

My mom lived in Yuma for several years while growing up. She has zero nostalgia for the place, never even getting off the interstate there to take a drive down memory lane. Like Pearl Hart, she did her time in Yuma, and that's that.

I've explored the city as an adult (since Mom never took us there). The downtown area and the Territorial Prison are great. I like the history, architecture, and laid-back pace. But, man, summer is brutal there, and the extreme lack of precipitation must make the days monotonous.

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