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May 01, 2023


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Outstanding. So much local culture, gone forever. Thank you.

Interesting how the cruising culture sort of emerged organically and almost simultaneously across the whole country. And the cruising route was inviolate but everyone knew it.

First meal in Phoenix in 1963 at Jack in the Box on McDowell & Third Ave; Many hamburgers at Bob's Big Boy throughout the years. Thanks for the nice memories!
Mariam Cheshire

"Der Wienerschnitzel" represents a pretty significant mauling of the German language and culture. "Wiener Schnitzel" means "Viennese cutlet," and refers specifically to a type of breaded veal or pork cutlet. Nothing to do with American hot dogs. Also, "Schnitzel" is a neuter noun, so it is "Das," not "Der."

My German prof at ASU hated two things: this, and "Hogan's Heroes," not because the latter was hard on Nazis but because of its stereotypes.

I realize Germans are not being singled out -- I can imagine what French people think of Mimi's Cafe and Mexicans of a host of cultural misappropriations and outrages committed on the Spanish language.

Stereotypes work both ways, of course. My young German cousins think America is all mafiosi and cowboys.

Let's not forget Pete's Fish and Chips:

https://petesfishandchips.com/history.html (history and photos)

Funny thing about Wienerschnitzel (now without the Der and the logo no longer uses that gothic script font): They did have a limited-edition "wiener schnitzel" breaded chicken sandwich to try to correct for the appropriation.

Needless to say, it wasn't brought back. :) (Wienerschnitzel was cashing in on that trend where Popeye's introduced a chicken sandwich that everyone went crazy for, causing a shortage.)

Before Culver’s came along, Bob’s Big Boy had the best burger in recent Phoenix history.

Did you know that a chicken McNugget is now $1.25 per nugget?

Did you know that a 2” x 3” potato cake at Jack in the Box is $2.25?

Arriving soon at drive thru’s, a Capital One finance window.

Let us not forget Lucky Boy on 16th street, just north of Osborn.

Been there since the '50's.

Strictly old school.

I am convinced that Patty Ann's and Big Ben are the exact same building. How could they not be? Look at all the details!

I especially love the photos of Polar Bar with my classmates in the car, and Three Palms on N. 7th Avenue. Both of these photos I had taken from my 1954 West Phoenix High School Annual from the back advertising pages. I still have lunch with two of these classmates, 69 years later.

It was a Dairy Queen at 7th Ave. and Roosevelt, not a Tastee-Freeze. I used to go there all the time with my grandma, who lived on Portland just west of 7th Ave.

When I was in high school, The Village Drive Inn, Polar Bar, Three Palms and then Bob’s Big Boy were all hang outs!,
Everything now is so different!

I think i saw all you guys at Nelsons Pool.
I Graduated 1958 from
Washington high school.
Got a loud pipes citation at Bob 's Big Boy from officer Jon Seller in 1960.
Photos of my 1959 Chevy parked at Woody's El Nido have previously been posted on this column.

We'd cruise Central every weekend, 1981 to 1985. McDonald's was our parking spot, and as you say Jack-in-the-Box was the turn-around. It sorta floored me when just a few years later it died away.

I grew up out in Avondale, and when I was young there was an A&W Root Beer stand on Buckeye (Hwy 80). My dad would take me there for chili dogs and floats. The waitresses would put the tray on the window and serve up the floats in a frosted glass mug. Those were the days.

After decades living in North Central, when I retired out of Honolulu, I went straight to Tucson. Why? BLAKE'S LOT-A-BURGER of course - three of them! Phoenix couldn't keep a Lot-a-Burger, in the 1980s close to the Capitol, but Tucson can and does. It saved me having to move to Deming. You all can visit and get a couple of green chile cheeseburgers, but don't stay - no room for you here in the Old Pueblo.

"but don't stay"

That admonition didn't work on the Conquistadors in 1515 and it didn't work on the midwesterners last century and it isn't working on the Califruitlanders now. (:-(

OCTANE email For club coffee. I lost you.

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