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March 13, 2023


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Arizona five C's 1900 - 2000


Arizona five C's 2001 - Present

Crazy politicians
Cop shootings
Car crashes
Climate change

The 1872 Mining Law is one of the most disastrous public lands policy decisions ever made. And it stands to this day, pretty much the same as it was 150 years ago, with efforts to amend or repeal stonewalled in Congress. As Gifford Pinchot, first chief of the US Forest Service said, "there is nothing so sacred as an abuse..."

Curious if anyone out there could provide an update on southwest mining cities.

Californicated - the condition of being overrun by Californians.

Bisbee, Jerome, Silver City NM, Prescott? these cities have been Californicated.

Anyone know about Morenci, Globe, Bagdad, others?

The Diner has a good lunch and the old Dairy Queen now a cafe has a good salad and Spaghetti.
Turn right to go to Ray and San Manuel.
Go Straight for Miami and Globe.
What no photos of Top of the World or the Keystone Hotel? From "the Pen Warmed Up in Hell?"
Take off the tie and go big and hard.

Jon, great photos.
In the Jerome photo is KINGs the current Spirit Room. A long time ago I hurt my back climbing the fire escape at the request of some "ladies" from the rooms above.

cal, was it Mae West? “Come up and see me some time?

AZREB. Ill try and get to Payson, soon.

AZREB. I used to have a place on the river in Cottonwood. Besides climbing Woodchute and Mingus Mountains I would go to events in Jerome. Back then you could watch the cowboys sit in one part of the Sprit Room bar and the hippies in the other. About 2300 hours myself and my friend would leave the bar as the fight was on. We went up the side stairs above the bar to what was called the Connor Hotel. As soon as you turned the lights out the rats ran wild. Since then the family has really fixed the place up.
I have no idea who the ladies waving me on were?
I have seen many changes in Jerome from Mining,to arts,to hippies,to motorcyle gangs,to liberals to unwoke Capitalism.
I recall a time when it wasnt safe to drink the water. i recall when DPS arrested a really nice Jerome Town Marshal for growing 13 Marijana plants in his yard.
Some of my best days were putting on The Arizona Road Racers Jerome Hill climb, a footrace that started at the old High School. Many years ago Jerome hosted a european auto race.
A worth while thing is to visit the mine owners house now a museum and look at a descripition of the 100's of holes mined into the area. A place that has a volcanic fault line.

My dauhter attended Mingus High School and her mother was the Cross Country Coach. My parents are buried in Lovely Clarkdale. The area still has an active concrete plant.

I'll try and get up the hill to see you, ASAP.

I wonder if it's the arsenic used in mining and getting into the ground water that is causing the rural republicans to lose their minds?

Great pictures and comments, I'm never disappointed visiting this blog.

You can check but i think Arizona water comes with a bit of Arsenic to begin with.

That would explain a lot.

Damn Phoenix exaggerating TV weather people.

The wife and I were already seated on the Ark, near the cash bar, and all we get is one stinking quarter inch of rain?

There oughta be a law.

Since females started doing TV Weather casts things have been hyperer and blusterier.

Tons of rain in AJ.
Gold rivulets running down the Arroyos.
Mules braying "Jacob" in the wind.

Dam releases flooding the Salt. The dancing gods of the indeginous solving drought.

Humans freaking out at perceived calamities.
But its just another day in Earths glorious rotuine of magnificent eruptions.
A photographers dream.

Ruben your at Noahs Ark CASH bar because thats the only way an agent for
Lloyds of London
could get on the boat.

California declares Drought is OVER.

Helen: Arsenic doesn't make you crazy. Seems more like a mercury or meth thing.

1,600 years ago St. Patty woke up after a night of too much beer. His friends said, "Patty, you look a little green".

The rest is history.

Happy St. Patty's Day.

NYT article about the homeless encampment in downtown PHX is truly chilling.

Soylent Green

The New York Times article was very well researched and written. Now why can't the Arizona Republic write an article like that?

With a couple exceptions Arizona Republic
strong well researched investigative reporting died with Don Bolles.
Politicans let organized crime win.
Prior to former newspaper editor,
Dave Wagners passing he said and
i agreed that the
Owners of the Arizona Republic
were complicit.
A conspiracy of doing nothing.

Sonoran Wilderness?
Monsoons swept the desert.
Rains came
Desert flowers bloomed
Folks negativity was vanquished
Drought was moved to the back pages.
by a nine iron.
Championship Golf is back.

@ Rich Weinroth -- because they no longer have the staff.

Agreed limited staff and many with limited experience.
Also owner and managerial philosophy.
Reporter Robert Anglin is probably the last of the indepth investigative reporters at the paper.
I sincerely miss Al Sitter.

Jon - Your research and presentation, as always, wonderful in this special largely unknown part of Arizona.
Even better are the comments your Columns bring forth. History and Opinions appear that might remain unknown without the presence of the Rogue. The 'back-and-forth' of your Historians is always funny/interesting.
Thanks for your hard work. Mariam

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