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February 20, 2023


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Well I remember participating in one of the rodeo parades.
Someone had to follow all those horses with a shovel, eh?

I was a "pooper scooper" in high school. An ideal preparation for a future newspaperman.

Poor Donald didnt get to have his big parade of guns and tanks and big plane flyovers.
Personally, I never understood the (nationalistic?) need for parades and firework displays.
Just in case you all dont recall, horses are domesticated creatures illegally migrated from european pale faces.
Now running wild in the Salt River.

One of my all time favorite jokes.

Surely, you can find a better job than scooping up elephant poop after a circus parade?

WHAT !! And give up show business?!

Wow! Goldwater, Marley and Webb as Parade Marshals?

I guess Bugsy Siegel was busy that year, huh?

Gus was doing smack in Vegas that year.

David C Wagner 79 passed away on 21 February 2023 at his home in Tempe Arizona in the company of his family. Dave was an Author, a Reporter and a retired Journalist and Editor of the Arizona Republic and The Phoenix Gazette Newspapers. He authored The Politics of Murder: Organized Crime in Barry Goldwater’s Arizona and Radical Hollywood. Wagner was in the process of adding new chapters to The Politics of Murder when he passed. David was my friend and I will miss his brilliant memory and comments on historical happenings. He and his wife, Grace were both well-read and educated individuals. Their home was a library of great reads.
Dave had many friends including Jon Talton.

I am sorry to hear of Mr Wagners passing, his "Politics of Murder" book is one of my favorites.

Creighton school drawing competition for rodeo tickets

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