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February 13, 2023


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AZ legislature

"Hey, Talton's in town. Let's rush through a bill to defund light rail and busses.

We're the republican legislature version of Beevis and Butthead, We're proud to be stupid.

Did Jon mismanage his money so bad that he can’t retire and stay in phx. Instead of his repetitive I hate Seattle and woke people columns. Ever since his little movie theater closed he’s been even more grumpy and cranky.

Ain't love grand
Fists or Flail

Oops meant that to be on

@Helen, I think light rail changed the Valley for the better.

Several years ago, there was an attempt on light rail's life through one of the most mendacious referendums imaginable.

There was a south Phoenix extension planned, and some businesses and residents were upset. They said that any future extension should be put up to a vote, and sure enough it was put on the ballot.

Here's where the plot darkens. The framing was for residents to be given a say whether they want to vote on light rail. If you had looked closer as to what you were voting on, the vote was structured to mean a "Yes" vote would be to halt light rail construction and divert Valley Metro tax funding to roads and highways.

They were telling you that you should go on the record to say you support light rail, so your instinct would be to vote Yes. But a Yes vote was structured to replace transit with roads and highways.

The happy ending was that voters saw through this deception and voted no by more than 60% -- the highest no votes came from south Phoenix and the highest anti-transit support came in the northern exurbs not served by Valley Metro at all.

Phoenix also passed an in-city tax increase to accelerate light rail construction as well as expand bus service, like running later at night and making all daytime services a minimum of 30 minute frequencies.

February rocks. My first one was 2004, meeting weekly with Sun Lakers and their bike club, to tour all over the East Valley, starting at dawn.

Jon posted the links to Dianne Feinstein retiring from the Senate.

She's both a relic of a past era of politics, with modern politics passing her by. Also, her dementia is becoming more noticeable and it's impairing her and her staff's work.

Still, you can't hate Feinstein and her remarkable political career from San Francisco to Washington. There's a lot more to love about her and her retirement offers her a graceful exit.

When you look at California's senate race next year, it's an embarrassment of riches for Californians. The top two candidates right now are Adam Schiff and Katie Porter.

By a quirk in California's jungle primary law, if Schiff and Porter emerge as the top-two vote-getters they could face each other in November. Republicans aren't guaranteed a contest in the general election.

Schiff is most famous for his role in the Trump impeachment hearings. He cast a very important light on the darkness that has become the GOP remade in Trump's own image.

Porter is most famous for her Whiteboard of Doom. She understands the power of theatrics, and harnesses that power for political effectiveness. Porter is a lawyer and law professor, so she's skilled at advancing arguments and making presentations as a teacher. She seizes the moments, turning committee hearings into Perry Mason-style interrogations where she will grill a CEO with a few questions, then hit them with a gotcha and write the data point on the whiteboard.

Progressives love her, but Porter represents Joel Kotkin country -- south Orange County -- in Congress and every one of her elections was really competitive. She's got just enough support in her purple district to be viable.

(Schiff represents a safely Democratic district around Hollywood and often faces challenges to his left.)

This is looking like a win-win for Californians.

Dianne Feinstein net worth $80,000,000.

Thank you for your incredible sacrifice.

Thanks, great insights as always. And thanks for the reminder to keep watering the shade trees. We don’t need to grow alfalfa in AZ.


No alfalfa ? In that case, do we invite the 880,000 cows and 177,000 horses in AZ to help themselves at their local restaurant salad bars??

Saudi Arabia owns
most of those fields?
And Topless pole dancing joints?

Cows and horses are European illegal immigrants.

Lite rail may be the right thing for the
Valley of NO shade
but it is so bad ugly.

Long live the Coyote.

Feburary twice brought snow to the Superstitions and Four Peaks.
Lots of rain for several past months and a good Monsoon

When the headline reads "SUPREMES TAKE ON THE INTERNET", are they talking about the singing group led by Diana Ross or the corporate owned, religious zealots in the black robes?

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