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January 02, 2023


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Great photos! The Portland Parkway area is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Phoenix. So pretty, and so much within walking distance.

The San Juan road continues to be closed except for 2 days a month.
This has been healthy for natures work.
Also the Park closes on "Silent Sunday" to Motorized traffic beyond the lower level parking sites.

Encanto Park Vietnam Veteran protest:

In the late 1980's i was assigned to the Phoenix Police Internal Affairs Bureau.
Now called Proffessional Standards Bureau. Aint that fancy?
Yes we investigated cops who resembled the police offices depecited in the film, "Internal Affairs" starring Richard Gere. Besides investigations I was responsible for auditing and shredding internal affairs investigative files. This was required by police administrative policy. Consequently i was ordered by my immediate supervisors to destroy police internal affairs materials related to a Protest by Vietnam Veterans at Encanto Park. Many of the demonstrators were maced, handcuffed and arrested by Phoenix Police officers.
The investigative file contained many black and white 8 by 10 photos of the actions that day.
Instead unknown to my immediate supervisors i took the file to an understanding assistant police Chief in charge of the Training Bureau.
He quietly had the files included in the Phoenix police academy training bureau by an understanding Lieutenant.
The assistant Chief was an easy going logical thinker. Actually i don't think he met the height requirment at that time to be a Phoenix police ifficer.
I recall occasionally on my way home at end of shifts i would see his unmarked police car parked in front of the Adult bookstore in the Slope.
Thanks Bud,
you were one of the good cops.

Thanks Jon for this column.
I know most of these parks.
Sunrise service at Papago Park.
They need to remove the nearby military installation.
I recall a infamous City Manager picnic at Papago Park
I have a a family Photo from 1968 at Encanto Park.
Didn't fish there in the 1950's
I got my fish from the Arizona Canal as my dad was a Zanjero. And i had a key.

Eastlake Park was a meeting place for Phoenix police Black Shirt Squad members prior to entering and connecting with folks in the projects.
Out of that violence grew SWAT (SEU).
A less political type of handling "problems".

While on SEU assisting the FBI with Bank Robbers i saw the former Black Shirt Squad leader in North Mountain Park in his Red Caddy. Since he was retired and appeared to be occupied i just waved.

I was a member of the first SEU/SAU squad.

Note: the 20 Acre Zanjero Park in Gilbert is a good visit.

Why does the Papago part amphitheater sit unused today? I bike up there and walk around sometimes, it’s weird to see pictures of crowds there considering.

Fred Cheshire taught math to 7th & 8th graders at Royal Palm from 1969 for fifteen years. Weekends and summers he ran an archery program at Encanto Park that touched perhaps 150 people a year.
One year half of the U.S. Olympic team got its start with Fred at Encanto and two archers continued on to play in the Olympics. Other high school and college teams practiced at Encanto winning state and national titles.
“Worries Won’t Happen – Fred’s Story” (available on Amazon and Kindle) includes many of the activities at Encanto in those early years. As one of his archers said, “Encanto Park had such a great feel about it. It was so comfortable. People hung out for a day there.”

Cal -- we had our family picnics at Encanto through the 60's, 70's, 80's -- I don't remember how long.

Jon - I have a couple of Encanto archery pictures if there is any way to post them.

I play "championship golf" at Encanto Park. It is one of the oldest courses in town and a classic old school layout. The architecture of the old neighborhoods surrounding the course are worth the price of admission, and the now urban high rise backdrop makes it truly unique. It's like time travel to go there, the pond still has fishermen and paddle boats, the kids amusement park is adjacent to the course with the "bogey train" tootling in the background.


After years of playing at Encanto and hitting the occasional golf ball on to Thomas road, I never hit a car or car windshield. Whew!

Sad. Today's parks are nothing compared to the great planet park 12000 years ago. They are over whelmed by numbers of destructive stupid people and vehicles.
Google a good article.
The Murder of Nature by Johnathan Cook

And the generations of ducks (or maybe geese) are still there. My great-great-granddaughter had her fifth birthday party there and is planning on her sixth, including a ride for all the kids on the train.

Well, who knew Papago park used to be a National Monument? Not me. Damn that Hoover!

Hoover Dam?
Pat, the problem began when some lazy Hunter/gatherers decided to squat in their own shit.
A Village.
Then society.
Obviously a failed project
Suggest your kids consider
a mountain cave and a few goats.
No Mozart.
Are humans the mythical gods latest experiment.

calvinator, you forgot a step.

A study of 450 civilizations found that when a civilization reached one million citizens, a "religion" would emerge in order to help the society keep order. These civilizations were located all over the world, over the past 7,000 years, with the same end result.

Makes you go Hmmmmmmm????

4500 religions and counting
I missed that study.

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