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January 31, 2023


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Amazing photos

Also Airhaven and Cactus airports.
I flew with my father in law out of Airhaven located between 27th and 35th Avenues and betwen Grand Avenue and Indian School Road in his Aircoupe in the late 50's.

While Barry liked to fly with Ruth.
Gus liked to fly with Barry.

2024 slogan posted in "lies we tell" column.

As recently as the early '60's, Bonanza and Frontier flew DC-3 services between Prescott and Phoenix. Cost was around $8, which was a lot of money then.

August 7, 1929
Women in Air Derby will Receive Hearty Welcome in Phoenix.
Lap prizes were presented to the five aviatrices with the fastest time between San Bernardino and Phoenix. Each of the participants in the race received a Navajo Indian “thunder bird,” good luck symbol which resembles greatly the aviator’s wings . . .
. . . Governor Phillips said: “We in Arizona are enjoying a period of great prosperity. Phoenix, perhaps, has enjoyed greater growth than any city in the United States during this period. This city and the valley are becoming world famous as a winter playground, and now tonight we become more famous because we are blessed by the visit of these angels. ………………. The prize winners in the heavy plane division were Mrs. Florence Lowe Barnes, first; Mrs. Louise McPhatridge Thaden, second; and Miss Gladys O’Donnell, third.
……….., , , As each passed along the steel fence, generous applause was given by the throng massed eight and 10 deep the full length of the barrier.
When the first group of 12 aviatrices had checked in at the field, most of them were escorted to the Hotel Westward Ho, where an entire floor had been placed at their disposal.
. . . Miss Earhart’s first words on throttling down her engine so she could be heard were praise for the sportsmanship of the other flyers, who used up practically all of their allotted time at Yuma, to wait for her while a new propeller was placed on her Lockheed Vega cabin plane.
Landing on the Yuma field, Miss Earhart had brought her ship almost to a stop when it struck a soft pile of sand and gently nosed over, bending the “prop.”

Excerpt from “Stories About the Hotel Westward Ho”

The Motorola plant in the photo is actually the one on McDowell in South Scottsdale.

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