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December 05, 2022


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NIce collection Jon - thank you. Curious if that is a side-arm hiding under Carl Hayden’s jacket…

Very good.
Roy Elson died taking a lot of secrets with him.

Cool picture of Linda in Tucson
Her Brother became the Police Chief

Hayden was Maricopa County sheriff from 1912 to 1927.

I arrived in 1963 and many of these pictures bring back so many of the 'good ol' days' when tall buildings didn't block the sunshine.
Jon, if I may - some of these events are included in "Stories About the Westward Ho," available on Amazon and Kindle
your faithful fan, Mariam

Thanks for the memories. My family moved me to Phoenix in 1956. A great place to be "in those days".

For Michael Hamptons rendering of a Hohokam village
Hohokam/City of Tempe
Nice website
Hohokam "Those who are gone" is still somewhat a mystery.
But the current end date seems to be about1450.
About the time Europeans invaded.

I got here to the Slope in 1950
The allergies that brought me to the Valley del sol were excellent until 1980.
Then it seemed an invasion of people, plants and other toxicitys brought back my sinus drips and allergic reactions.
My joke now is when new comers say they have bad allegeries. I say you should "Move to Phoenix."

Note: Phoenix and the surroundings will continue to be toxic physically and politically until it has shrunk to small villages a few feet up the banks of the Salt River.
Sorta like Lehi.

Great photo of John F. Long with President Reagan.

I was in town for Thanksgiving, and saw that Long's mansion and estate on Indian School Road at the western end of Maryvale had just been demolished. It was perhaps the most unique and beautiful home in west Phoenix. I'm sure it will be replaced by something with zero character or charm. Progress.

Roger Simpson has died.
His family came to Arizona in the 1920's.
Roger was an educator in Valley schools.
He posted here pretty much since Jon began this column.
He was a regular at the fan clubs coffee sessions.
He will be missed for his clarity and wisdom

Adios Roger

LOL! A buck fifty to see Elvis Presley.

I met Cesar Chavez in 1973. Jerry Pollack was running his quixotic recall campaign against Gov. Jack Williams, my father was designing Pollack’s printed campaign materials, and Pollack was performing his “walk across Arizona,” prudently supported by an air-conditioned RV. I spent a weekend among the volunteers helping in the RV, and at one point Chavez came on board and had a spirited conversation with the candidate and the rest of us.

I’m well aware of the mixed nature of his legacy, but to this day, although I’ve met and conversed with many famous people, Chavez is, by far, the one with the largest number of actual _places_named after him.

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