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December 19, 2022


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"Brillant" technolgy ensures the human Extinction.

The CEE A PEE was a fatal follow up to Roosevelts flood irtigation for the
Great Sonoran Desert.

The towing icebergs plan is dead.

Maybe Elon can pipe earth water from Mars.

Dunes sand worms are here.
My eyes have turned blue from inhaling their shit. More likely from the dust of destructive bull shitting real estate "developers."

Great photos
Thanks for the history.

I've been ordered to post a comment, so here goes.

* When I saw the column I thought, oh oh, this is really going to fire up that tall, redheaded stranger who lives out in the desert. And I was right.

* Do you folks remember when the CAP was built, it resulted in an unknown number of horses falling in it and drowning? Which led to the CAF. Central Arizona Fence. Bet that was one hell of a contract.

*If we don't get to the end of this drought, the CAP may end up being the world's longest skateboard park.

There's my comment boss, put those six shooters away.

Nice article and photos Jon. Thank you.

I'm with Cal (kinda). Only private funding will provide sustainability. Ain't no one gonna fill their swimming pool with bottled water. All hail Jack Swilling and Frank Murphy!

Government intervention & funding blows nice big bubbles that pop so well. Oh well, too late now.

I was a surveyor for the BOR from 1982 - 1999. I was a young man working out in the middle of nowhere laying out the alignment for the CAP and the safety of Dams act. Surveying back then was much different than today. GPS has made surveying much easier.

For more on this boondoggle and President Carter rightly canceling it and "environmentalist" Arizona Representative Morris Udall getting it back,
See the Washington Post Article on March 20, 1977 by Bill Richards titled "
Udall presses for huge project."

Ps, and thanks to my Apache slave Ruben for posting about fencing.

When I was young I had the privilege of working with Mark Wilmer on some water cases. He was a very sharp lawyer and a fine man.

I once watched him argue a case I had worked on at the Arizona Supreme Court. That court could be pretty rough on lawyers. When Wilmer argued, though, they listened in respectful silence.

Chris is that you?

Protoplasm's remarks reminded me of the rich history of attorneys,like Truman Young, Tom Collins, Ted Matz, Steve Silver and even more famous lawyers.
And politicians (Jack Williams) and sports figures (Jesse Owens). Many doctors( my doctor of 30 years played basketball at the Y many days) and other professionals that worked out steamed and ate lunch at the Downtown YMCA.
I recall kiddingly asking my bosses in the police Organized Crime Unit to pay my gym dues as a result of intelligence overheard in the steam room.
How about it Jon?

CAP was a project back when we could do projects.

In the recent past Propane Jane had a project that cost AZ hundreds of millions of dollars.

Covid Doug's waffling cost actual lives.

Container Ducey cost millions of dollars.

Remove Containers Doug will cost millions of dollars.

Voucher Ducey is on the way to costing $300 million and growing.

Even the nicknames don't roll off the tongue the way they used to.


Ruben, thought you should know, a Brooklyn High school group of teen girls have formed a Luddite club per an article in the New York Times.

I recently realized the Bureau of Reclamation has a bunch of historic photos on its site. There are photo galleries decade by decade.

This piece only reinforces my view that any individual who is worrying about conserving water is a fool, unless it's for your own use. Otherwise, the politicians and developers will keep the incestuous loop of growth going until there really is. no. more. water.

NY times has another new article

HNY, All:

I hope this finds you well. I wanted to make sure you were hip to this latest attempt by the IREC to develop every bit of AZ before climate change makes it unlivable.
Here’s to a year of miracles and wonder - we’re gonna need them.


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