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December 12, 2022


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If you all were suprised you wre not paying attention.

I seem to recall she said not to worry she could handle Russell.
Like in Russell Pearce.

No one ever said why St Janet flew to Salt Lake shortly after she became Governor.

Had Sinema ran against Lake for Governor Lake wouldn't have registered on the radar.

I dont believe Kristen when she says she isnt interested in being President.
It may be the only way the Quorum of 12 can get there Wo man in the White House

The Daily Beast has a good piece about Sinema's "Ex Best Friend "
And Kirsten's ego

Once again truly fascinating to listen to the wokesters howling about her switch. Democrats, who notoriously suck at math, don't seem to get that they are third out of three political entities in AZ, behind independents and republicans in terms of registered voters. So they want to emulate the spectacular failure the republicans just employed by nominating a woke extremist, the flip side of Krazi Kari, who cannot win a statewide election. But at least purity will have prevailed...

Regarding Kry$ten $inema, I'm reminded of an old story, apocryphally attributed to Churchill, but more likely originating from Lord Beaverbrook, or George Bernard Shaw, or Groucho Marx, or perhaps Saint Augustine. In the interest of time and space, I will skip to the punchline:

"We have established what you are--we are simply haggling about the price."


I do not love Sinema, but I still believe she was correct in not wanting to remove the filibuster. Giving dems more legislative power would’ve backfired as soon as they were replaced in congress.

I suspect she will draw very few Republican votes. Why vote for her when they can vote for a real Republican? My fear is that she'll split the Democratic vote and get the R elected.

I just saw Carville on YouTube saying he doesn't believe she'll even run-for re-election.

A novel viewpoint, IMO, but still plausible.

Even Carville can be wrong.

She is the world’s worst communicator. Nobody in AZ knows or understands her politics ( or her personality) and that seems to be her main success - being physically showy and mentally obscure

If you haven't spent all you money on Trump Trading cards, the following toys will be available online in the next few days.

Doug Ducey doll, When you yell "Trump" at the doll it grabs it's ankles and says, "Welcome to Arizona sir".

Kari Lake doll, When you yell "Loser" at the doll it's skin turns a darker tan and says "I'll sue you, I'll sue you".

The dolls for Andy Biggs,Wendy Rogers, Paul Gosar and Mark Finchem are having production problems. Once they are completed, the heads blow up. Engineers say as soon as they put in the battery, the doll gets a real angry look, asks for money then BOOM.

Feliz Navidad

The one thing i like about Kyrsten is her religious philosophy. "NONE"
Myth believers are the root of all evil.
I wonder? Given all she has done to protect the capitalistic LDS enterprises if the boys will make it a Quorum of 13.
Or a honorary member of the "Lost Tribe."
U gotta wonder if their still filling their pipes with ground up Missouri river bank maryjane and white lizard.

In spite of all the advice, criticism and second guessing, here she is, a United States Senator. Ten or twelve years ago how many of us would have predicted that with our crystal ball?

Anyone who challenges the two-party system and the extremism it creates is okay in my book. Imagine being vilified by your own party because you only vote their way 80% of the time! And we call Republicans extremists!

I don't know.

Treason seems pretty "extremist" to me.

But maybe I'm unusual in that belief.

It's a funny little world.

I like Sinema because she "moves on "
Bi sexual
Tri politicalism
Next move.
The first non theist president
Gotta be a dry dream for Mitt Romney
Joe Smith and his bro roll over.
And the Mexican/Canadian FLDS high fives.
Polygamy gets approved
Fuck John Calvin.

Years ago, on this blog, I posted that since men had screwed up our congress for so long, we should give more women a chance.

I know I didn't mean a woman with purple hair, tennis shoes and a flowery leotard/skirt on the senate floor.

I wasn't clear what I was looking for, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't that.

They say you can't judge a book by it's cover, but ya, you sorta can.


I just counted up the churches in Payson. (my wife and I had been wondering)

TWENTY !!!!!

And the town doesn't have a single place to get good fried chicken.

And no Panda Express.

Life is tough in small town rural AZ.

But plenty of Green Jell-0 and Funeral potatoes

@John, yeah, we call Republicans extremists.

Remind me: Who insurrected again?

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