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December 28, 2022


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the answer is dead simple: ratios not acre feet: if california gets say 30% of the colorado then the last 3 years of flow are measured. that's what they get..30% of what there is..not what they want.

Kelly says Arizona cannot continue to bear the brunt of Colorado River cuts

'“This can’t just be on the back of Arizona. I mean we’ve had to take significant cuts, now that we’re into Tier 2A of the Drought Contingency Plan, soon to be 2B, about a 21% cut,” Kelly said.

Dear lord, who was the mad scientist who gene-spliced Kari Lake with the energizer bunny???

Arizona has forced itself to “bear the brunt of Colorado River cuts.”The state subordinated its more senior rights to the river in exchange for federal authorization of the Cee Aay Pee. We made a deal with the devil.

Anyone know if the new AG can go after the fake electors?

Jacks On the Road

The expectation that a politician (any politician) would have integrity has been dead for a very long time. Probably going back to the early 1800's here in the US.

But this kid, Santos out of NY, has signaled the end of even the facade that we expect politicians to have at least some integrity. This is serious. This is the abyss. We have known for a long time that the empire is rotting from the inside out.

Based on the lead up to 2023, I'm afraid the new year is going to be a tragicomedy for the generations we leave behind.

Ruben we can only hope
more criminals like
little dick Andrew Tate
will go to jail
thanks to the future generations of Gretas.

Ruben. I checked with Hari Seldon.
He said, another Millennium of turbulence in the galaxies.
The years of the Mule?

In a previous post I mentioned that potential nicknames for Ducey didn't exactly roll off the tongue. Now that we have to pay for his hare-brained idea with the shipping trailers, I think we'll have to go with a nickname that does roll off the tongue easily.

So, hence forth it will be:


Kari Lake is an unemployed TV person. She’s not nuts ( well, sort of) but she’s mostly generating demo tape after demo tape to get herself hired by FOX news. She feels AZ screwed her over , so she has no problem trashing the state to get a new gig. Too bad for the rubes who sent her money.

I knew the GOP would derail the train. I just didn't know they would do it before they even left the station.

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