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October 20, 2022


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The above is good advice. We need all the help we can get.

Glad you are back. We moved away from Arizona to North Carolina ( it’s own set of crazies) but I follow the upcoming demise of democracy in Arizona with scant hope. Please continue.

Fourteen years ago, I read my first column written by you in the Seattle Times. Just a month before my High School graduation, albeit my coming age, which also coincided with the Great Recession. I've always admired your style, insight, and your ability to see the bigger picture.

I live in Washington so I have no vested interest in Arizona but your dispatches about Arizona makes me feel as though I have a connection to the place.

To dovetail Soleri, the spark was just lit on the M-80 and the world needs insights from folks like yourself. All the best.

Welcome back Shamus.
I was getting concerned
it might be a Long Goodbye.

Congratulations on completing your project and I'm glad to have you back. While overall I agree with Soleri, I hope you continue your breadth of topics, not just focusing on Trump, trumpism, and Republicans. There is already an awful lot of writing about that out there.

We’ve not lived in AZ for nearly 20 years but still follow your blog with interest and find your commentary valuable and insightful. Hope you know that it is much appreciated—a voice in the wilderness of a country run amok. Please do continue. We need you.

I very much agree with the comments quoted in your post (and I very much commend the erudition of the writer.) I am glad you will continue to bring your unique perspective. Now, if we could only get Benson to resurrect himself!

Just visited AZ last week to scatter Mom and Dad in the Granite Dells of Payson
Couldn’t believe the TV ads for lake and the senate guy.
Glad you’re back.

Well, we have met the enemy, and us or not, who else but "us" is here to pull us out of this. Congratulations on the book! And a grateful welcome back to the fray and the honorable battle. Link arms! ¡Adelante!

This column has been essential to me in learning to understand the people here, and love the land here. I have been reading since the beginning. Thank you for your great writing.

You’re the only writer out there who helps me make sense of what’s happened to Arizona. I hope you can find it within yourself to continue to pursue the column as you see fit.
I so appreciate what you have done, and what you continue to do.

Keep it up! I appreciate your grounded, pragmatic view of AZ - and Washington - topics. We, too, have been split between Seattle and AZ for the last 6+ years after 23 years in Phoenix (the last several of which we shared a condo building with you). The contrast has been interesting, to say the least. I look forward to your Seattle times articles as well as these Rogue Columnist musings.

Welcome back! Hope the book is all you want it to be.

As usual, I agree with Soleri in part, but not necessarily for the same reasons (just like old times!). You do have a unique voice and perspective that is well worth putting out there. I hope you will keep writing here for a long time to come.

It is amazing that a candidate for Arizona governor is allowed to still oversee the statewide election process. That seems like quite a conflict of interest. Just business as usual for Arizona, I suppose, and hopefully not to become the basis for further lack of confidence in Arizona's elections.

Regarding the suggested content:

Who else is writing about the growing border crisis?

Like it or not, all of this material has been exhaustively chronicled by those opposed to open borders (the means by which migrant caravans are organized and sponsored, what happens in Mexico, the "remain in Mexico" fraud, the role of the cartels, the NGOs and Catholic Charities, what happens when they cross, the abuse of asylum claims, the catch-release-transport to the interior that is occurring to the tune of 2.5M annually now, and the corporations that benefit and actually direct transport to the door of their facilities) and by the anti-imperialist right and left (in terms of why they are coming). Paige Willey has done a half dozen podcasts in the past six months about all of these issues, just to name one source. This is nonpartisan at this point, the facts of how the law is being evaded and who is aiding and abetting are what they are.

Or the looming water catastrophe along with climate change?

It's been looming since I have been alive. Nothing changes. The numbers are all well-known to the major interests and calculable. The engineers will tell us when people have to be cut off, and then they will be, lawsuits notwithstanding, and reality will prevail. But we have been told that reality will assert itself for decades now. Undoubtedly it one day will. But barring an Act of Congress amending existing laws, no doomer reporting on it is going to move the needle.

Or the yawning collapse of Arizona's political comity and legitimacy?

Yawn is right. Pray tell, how is this anything but cultural? And let's see: Everyone came to AZ from somewhere else in the first half of the 20th Century, but they all at least shared a common culture and some basic citizenship education about their own American political system. Fast forward to today, most of your school-age imports have parents who weren't even born in this country, and your schools care more about trans-ing kids for pharmaceutical company profits than in teaching the history and structure of the republic. Hmmm, and comity and legitimacy are on the decline? Well, well, well, if it isn't the consequences of my own (in)actions! The culture that had comity and legitimacy was denigrated as "---ist" and destroyed by design. No complaining now that the effects intrude on the privileges of the supposedly educated classes that failed to defend that culture.

Or the tectonic shifts in Arizona's economy?

This is the issue I would recommend covering, as few things are more satisfying that watching an exile lay the truth at the feet of the malefactors that cast him out because they refused to change. As the basis of their wealth is the basis for their myopia, a true exile historian cannot but help chronicle supervening and superseding economic forces.


I've forwarded your scribblings to the AZ Cattleman's Association. The way you shovel cow manure, I'm sure they will be in touch concerning an honorary membership.

No need to report anymore bad news in the Americas as it all began in the 1400's with the arrivals of filthy diseased White people seeking riches in the name of their invented god.
Not much has changed.
"stand by"

Welcome back Rogue, looking forward to the columns and the comments (nice one History Buff).

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