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October 21, 2022


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I always appreciate your photo research, Jon. You come up with many photos I’ve never seen before and they are not repetitive.
Thanks for running the time machine for us.

I am so thankful that you created this particular post. I am learning late in life (68 yrs old) about Mr. Lee, but will be sure to instruct my AZ-native born granddaughter, Yanabah, age 16 about him, Casey Harris, Sr.

I arrived in the Great Sonoran Desert in 1950. Plan on dying here.
The car on the forest road appears to me to be driving from the area of Heber towards Parson and on.

My Spaniard lady friend of 16 years was born in 1936 in her grandmothers house a few blocks from the Miami smelter.

In 56 i stopped at the Keystone Hotel.

The photos of Springerville remind me of my native wife born in Gallup whose family has lived in Springerville for over 60 years. Springerville is also where the restaurants, Los Dos Molina's began.

Thank you for the memories

Note: a few of the old fan club may meet saturday. If your interested U can email me at [email protected]

Some old photos: Including Glendale High School I attended.

Great bunch of photos! The Yuma wedding chapel doesn't look very appealing (more like a gas station), but I would love to go back and enjoyed a meal at the Valley Cafe in air-cooled comfort.

Funny that Bisbee acts like it is a working man’s town when it’s always been a company town. Those cattle cars in Wilcox may have hauled off the Wobblies in 1917.

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