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February 15, 2022


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The good news: A NEW NOVEL

Looking forward to the new book

Best of luck, Jon - will miss your musings!

Topics for discussion with the many brilliant minds who populate this space

1. Implications of the Remington case. Will it be possible to sue Ford for damages caused by a Ford car involved in a fatal crash ?

2. The case of the Russian figure skater involving PED's

3. The Arizona Legislature's continued assault on public education.

Fire away fellow rogues!

Re 1, does Ford market it's cars to adolescents in the same way as apparently Remington did it's assault rifles?

I can't provide a link as I am a subscriber, but check out this article in NYT today:

Good morning. Why are liberal candidates losing elections in liberal cities?

Aptly summarizes the Democrat's tone deafness.

Roger, I'm thinking I'll take yours and Will Rogers advice and shut up until Mid August. Happy Easter, Happy Memorial day, happy Fourth of July and see you again when it's 60% humidity and 115 degrees.

Ford obviously does not market then same. I just wonder today' litigious society how long it will take before someone tries it.

Will Rogers again:
"Good judgment comes from experience and a lot of that comes from bad judgment."

Roger-didn’t know that came from WilRog as he called himself. . Will give proper attribution in future. 🤓

Update to
Phoenix Confidential: Miranda.

Roger — Ford was sued for alleged safety defects in Ford Pinto gas tanks (in the '70s?). But to your point, you're right, we live in a litigious society.

Litigious vs Wyatt Earp?

Ps, Wyatt Earps nephew,
Wyatt Earp lives in Phoenix.

I am aware of the Pinto actions. I was thinking more of Bubba driving his jacked up F150 into a crowd of protestors.

I am aware of the Pinto suits. I was thinking more of Bubba driving his jacked up F150 into a crowd of protestors.

I propose that we establish a new requirement to serve in the Arizona Legislature:
An IQ score of at least 100 at least. I would expect that to probably disqualify 50% or more of the currently serving members.

But they have a direct line to their god.
The all knowing one.

Comments in previous thread where Will Rogers "Please be quiet"| rule is not in effect.

Ital should be fixed.

Did you mean Italy?

If you have any nostalgia about Central Avenue from the 50's that got dedtroyed iver the years you can grieve even more today.
Central from Lincoln south to Baseline is being destroyed.

Avoid driving east towards 202 past Tempe around sunset. Totally blinding glare.
Y tan feo ciudad.

040622 the year divisible by 2.
A unofficial congregation of 3 dudes whose average was about 80 took place in remberence of Rogue Columnist in the outer bowels of downtown Phoenix. The nearly 3 hour session involed history since the Queen of Spain dispatched priest/soldiers to the Americans in search of gold and silver. Resulting in the annihilation of many native folks in the name of a god. A short history of Governor Pyle and Short Creek came about as did talk of IWW and Wobblies
The conversation moved on with references to population growth in The Valley of the Sun. As the sun dipped into the western edge of the planet we broke away agreeing to meet once again before legislators turn Arizona into a planet currently represented in the movie, DUNE!
On advice from the spirits of Edward Abbey and Frank Herbert i am keeping my STILL SUIT in good repair for that day.
WE missed you Jerry, Ruben, Walter and Petro.

Anybody out there who can explain how being "Honorary Commander" of Luke AFB is a qualification for being Governor. Jusytasking

It's her most notable qualification...

High Heel spurs?

Based on the last few years, I don't think there are any qualifications required to be Governor of Arizona.

Socialism is the fire department saving your house.

Capitalism is the insurance company denying your claim.

And the mantra of the Age of Too-Big-to-Fail Bailouts:

Socialize losses.
Privatize profits.

Roger Simpson - 'socialism saving your house"? You are nuts - I pay BIG TAXES and they (taxes) haven't paid off yet. Hope those taxes never will, BUT in the meantime, that $$$ could have been put to better use.

To what better use do you suggest?

3000 BC War Strategy Kill the peasants, destroy the crops.

2022 AD War (RUS\Ukraine)Strategy Kill the peasants, destroy the crops.

Human progress??

Roger and Terry
Least you forget
As Jesus passes under the sycamore he surprises Zaccheus by not only calling him by name but also declaring he will be staying at his house (verse 5)! The announcement brings joy to the notorious collector of taxes but derision from the crowd (verses 6 - 7).

Zaccheus responds to Christ's merciful offer to spend time with him by publically declaring he will give half of his vast wealth to the poor. He also promises to return his ill-gotten riches fourfold to those he cheated (Luke 19:8)!

Jesus then declares that salvation has come to him and that reaching out to those who are "lost" is one of the primary goals of his ministry.

And Jesus said to him, "Today, salvation has come to this house . . . For the Son of man has come to seek and to save that which is lost" (Luke 19:9 - 10, HBFV).

I gave a fiver to a poor dude today.

History buff
Not much progress in "Manunkinds" adventures.
Before we decided to sit in our own shit (cities)
life to about 35 as a Hunter/Gather was probably a better deal for the planet.

Keep looking up. The Swarm is coming for you.


And also beware heel spurs Donald and his light saber.

And what does the current Arizona Legislature have in common with Missouri River bank weed and white lizards?

I hope the book is going well. At six months now, I'm starting to wonder if the blog will ever be a going concern again. Any updates?

To quote Douglas MacArthur, I shall return.

I continue to post history favorites on the Arizona Memories page of Facebook and on Twitter (@jontalton).

Thanks but i don't do facehook or twatter.

Cal, behave yourself. (;-)

Jon, 7190, don’t worry, when Hillary announces her 2024 run, this board will fire up to full steam.

Twatter, Cal? Freudian slip?

Intentional post.
Facebook and Twitter are EVIL!
AND Snapshoot an all dat uder noise.
My addictions remain actual books made out of earth materials and of course Email. I still send people postcards.
May Dorsey and Zuckerberg become Buddhists and go quiet.
And Donald Trump to a diet of Cheedeburgers and Coke a Cola while serving his sentence for egomania.
Hurry back Jon
Time to stem the Catholic Crusades.
Looking forward to your coming book.
Hopefully soon.

Hear, hear.

A story about newspapers when they were really newspapers:


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