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January 18, 2022


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Good posts, Jon
Scottsdale as a town was sorta OK
As a sprawling city it sucks.
But thats what humans do, Destroy!

I have an old High school pal that
was once considered the "King of Buckeye"
Apparently he has lost and made big buck's in Buckeye area land investments.
I'll send him your photos.
Around 1958 he and I were going to start a business to cut back on long drives to Nogales. We failed to get it up.

Back in the day Dripper Dodd a black male that lived at 18th Street and Broadway and ran a stable of whores
use to pickup his heroin supply on Lower Buckeye Road and about 107th avenue from a old white dude named Forest Akin that lived at about 800 west Vineyard. Dripper and Forest both died of old age.
And that's history.

What you never heard of "Top if the World"?
Way closer than Calle Canal.

Keystone Hotel.
Got a push from a cop when the car wouldnt start.

Interesting photos. Fast forward 20 years from the 70's and by the time I was sometimes stationed in Chandler on an ambulance in the 90's, it was definitely not small and compact. It was only slightly less sprawling than today and basically contiguously fully developed with Mesa, Tempe, and Gilbert, with the only undeveloped buffer existing on the south with Sun Lakes.

That Peoria, AZ (where I was also sometimes stationed) is significantly bigger than it's namesake was unknown to me, but not at all surprising. I'd still bet that more people nationwide when asked where Peoria was would say "Illinois", and have never heard of the AZ version.

If folks from Illinois left the Sonoran Desert it would be a good thing. Particularly those that come for six months and complain a lot.

Rogue, I did a semester of student teaching at Chandler High School in 1973. I believe the city's population was still under 20,000. (The U.S. Census recorded 13,763 in 1970, vs. 252,000 in 2019.) I lived in south Scottsdale and commuted McKellips to Alma School and then south to the west side of Chandler, cutting over to the campus. There were at least four miles of agricultural lands along two-lane Alma School between Mesa and Chandler: I remember a lot of corn and cotton, and some citrus.

Cal — what u never hear in a whorehouse you hear on the golf course? Bite,you cock sucker”😂😂😂. Sorry,R.C.

I remember when their was nothing north of Shea and Scottsdale. Rd. And we had a meeting on the top of a Bank at camelback And scottsdale rd. announcing McCormick Ranch and we looked at each other and thought “ who the heck would want to live that far North”😂😂😂

Welcome to Troon.

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