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November 01, 2021


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Great photos! I've had good times in all these historic downtowns, except for Gilbert (I've only driven through it).

Dropping Grand Avenue below grade through downtown Glendale was a great decision! Glendale's downtown and the neighboring Catlin Court Historic District are doing a good job of nurturing their shade trees, too.

Here's a shot of the Mesa Southern Pacific depot I took in December 1973:


You'll find more Mesa depot photos on this post:


Great Photos.
In this group my favorite is Ash Bridge.
Back when there were villages on the Salt in the Great Sonoran Desert. Along with Phoenix and Tempe is the little known area of Lehi.
My lady friend is a native Arizonan and we are in our 80"s. Consequently a number of photos Jon posts are known to us.
I lived and worked the fields and went to Glendale High School in the early 50's.
My lady friend grew up at 13th Street and Vanburen in a "Spaniard" neighborhood. Her grandparents ,both sides came from Spain and settled in the mining towns of Bisbee, Globe. Jerome. Miami and eventually in Phoenix around 1900.
I enjoy the photo history and try not to imagine what it would look like without humans. The Sixth Extinction is headed at us, Full Speed!

A treasure of memories for me. Loved to see that Phoenix Jaycee stagecoach in the Parada del Sol procession!

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