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October 04, 2021


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Neon installers and technicians are going the way of blacksmiths -- still existing, but rare, often elderly, and not being replaced by a younger cohort.

There was an article about the fading away of the neon trades in Las Vegas. A lot of the guys are older and can't retire even though age has taken its toll. There's very little in the way of new signs, much of it is in maintenance. Plus, the neon maintenance market in Las Vegas has to rely increasingly on Southern California to come in and do repairs, making California and Nevada one large market.

There is a neon store here in Mesa. If you were to win the Powerball jackpot, you could maybe afford to shop there.

Another treasure of memories. Thank you, Jon!
Allan Starr

"you cant duplicate neon"


Regarding the above Front Pages today.
The Democrats inability to get their chit together just quickens the eventual death of a star in the universes, we call Earth.
But Sinemas been granted by 12 old white dudes, her own heavenly kingdom where as a God she can have as many mates as she desires.
Wigs included.

Might you be mistaken about the Red Devil? It used to be at McDowell, 31 ST. We used to walk up the canal bank for pizza.

You are correct, Linda. Apologies and corrected.

Longtime lurker and fan of this site, Phoenix history buff and native, grew up in the 70s and 80s. An early memory is riding with my dad out East Van Buren to see Phoenix Giants games 76-81 ish, the drive home was especially interesting! Had I been a little older, I'm sure I would have been a regular at Helsing's, what an awesome atmosphere. If I win the Powerball, I will try to recreate that somehow.

Morgan, you'll enjoy this story. I had followed Willie Mays around a golf course in an LPGA tournament in Las Vegas. The following weekend I went with my two young daughters to a Giant preseason game.

Entering the stadium Willie Mays was seated in a section of the bleachers with a couple of security people watching his area. As I walked by I said, " Willie I saw you play golf last weekend. Those ladies are darn good golfers."

He waved for me and my daughters to sit with him and we talked about golf for the next half hour. Not a word about baseball.

It was a wonderful experience and a wonderful memory.

Neons cool.
When Phoenix was a village was cool.
But i sent Jon an email re
"Fearless" commentary.
I was hoping for some hot comment before i move to Cuba.
Raul has promised me a hot water wheel chair accessible apartment and a 55 Chevy Convertible. And a Senora island guide.
Ammost as good as Hemingway had it.

100 octane i forgot your email.

The Kodachromes my dad shot in the late '40s, early '50s (mostly Tucson, sorry) still look as good as they did the day they came back from Kodak. The Ektachromes (process E-1, E-2), not so much. Kodachrome was such a slow speed film that you'd have to clamp the camera to a very solid tripod for any night photography.

nice post

Neon was on the way out by the 1960s, but architect John Sing Tang made a classic with his Helsing's design.

A little off topic: Akron had a bowling alley with a long neon sign across the front showing a figure rolling the ball down the alley and hitting the pins.

Those huge neon signs are "grand-fathered-in."
With today's hyper-restrictive sign ordinances, they would not be permitted on "new-builds."
(To me, that's a shame; I see them as contemporary commercial-artworks).
It seems Las Vegas has capitalized on their signage to the point they are one of their main attractions .. . . one we "hicks" enjoy seeing as part of the LV vibe.

I'll never tire of telling you . . . you and your "mission" are a treasure, Jon!

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