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September 07, 2021


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Light rail continues east in Mesa.
And south in Phoenix.
Six new extensions by 2031.
If you build it they will flock.
And now news about SW dwindling water.

If you want a slap-your-forehead moment, take a drive down Apache Blvd. and see what light rail hath wrought. It is lined with new development on both sides and everything not yet redeveloped is currently underway or fenced off for future demolition.

Its just 2 blocks from my RV store,
Camping World.
I keep looking at RV parks along the rail. Just in case you know for that day. But then I'd lose my great view of THE MOUNTAIN.

Good post, Jon. Thanks.

Once upon a time
There was
"A pen warmed up in Hell"

More comment action in those days

Mark Twain's pen, not Jon's.
I live on Fillmore where buildings are going up like crazy. No reason to dust my apartment, the dust will return quickly. For a couple of years,it's been impossible to enjoy my balcony due to constant construction noise.
But, even more important than my minor gripes, where is the water, the parking space, the air coming from??
I enjoy the pictures and the stories with them with the exception of the last one of the Light Rail area. The bricks have been swept which is a nice touch. But the waiting man is so obviously posed. Maybe a suit - business men with a tie are on the train and particularly if from out of town. But with a hat? I can't recall ever seeing a real hat in Phoenix. A baseball cap would more represent my downtown. Mariam Cheshire, author of "Stories About the Hotel Westward Ho"


You get to flog your book on this site at my forbearance.

Density and infill downtown, served by light rail, is the most efficient use of all resources. We need to drastically reduce car dependence. All I would add is to plant lots of shade trees.

I often wear suits when the weather permits. And hats. I own fedoras, Panamas, a Homberg, and porkpie. If the photo is posed, so what? Light rail’s success is undeniable.

Jon - I voted for light rail I think it was twice before it happened. I've taken several rides both ways just for the fun of seeing places. And it works so well for my walker to wheel off and on.
There are a couple of trees, rather large now, that I planted in two yards where I paid the mortgage. I wish there were more.
A remarkable hat collection - I don't even know what a Homberg looks like. But I still wish the picture showed someone with a Suns tee shirt and cap.
And thanks for allowing me to mention a 94 year old hotel written about by a 94 year old author (remember when I gave you the tour?) all in good fun, we both love Phoenix, Mariam

The latest addition of the Light Rail downtown (IMHO) is perfect -- shows active, sports loving crowds. And it also shows how much more we have going on than we did 15-20 years ago.
You always find the special picture. Thank you, Mariam

And the Baobab tree said to the Sajuaros, “You cannot destroy the forest without spilling blood.” (Veronique Tadjo).

I didn’t vote for Lite rail in the Valley of the Sun as I saw it a continuation of the 1400 AD European invasion and further destruction of the planet earth.

T.R. commissioned the dam and the developers came. And destroyed.

Why the desert will win: From the Washington Post on Jon;s Rogue Front pages.

"Then came an issue of who could use the water. Consider a farmer named Joseph. He and his family would settle on their land and pull from the river during the warm season. It had been a good winter so they expected high river flows that spring. Instead, the flows were really low. Where was his water?"

Lakes Powell and Mead were doomed from the beginning

Now town developers are buying water from anyplace willing to sell.

Once upon a time and too come again.">">

The future of rail:">">

Cal’s, last stop for a Martini and water. No Ice

From above.

Once upon a time and too come again.">">

The future of rail">">

And a major source of water for Phoenix is being depleted up stream.

I'm a few days past due in reading Cal's posts. The google would not open. Washington Post tells me I've had all the free ones I'm allowed and won't open unless I sign up to pay.
However, the rest were worth the time. Bing gives the idea. The should be required reading for everyone in Arizona who drinks water rather than gin. It lays out the case that water should be regulated before we don't have any.
When I opened the several fixer-uppers appeared. I went through them and picked out several where I could retire and enjoy the simple life. All I would need is a nearby river.
Thanks, Cal, for posting this. Thanks, Jon, for giving us a place to visualize the past and the future., Mariam

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