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July 05, 2021


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Very interesting. It was such a different time. My wife has a family connection to the construction of Central United Methodist.

The Chevrolet roadster with the striped top in front of First Baptist is awesome.

The pictures of Sacred Heart Church are, well, just sad I guess.

Great pictures and interesting choice of subject, thank you.

I've always posted anonymously that these relics should be preserved for their beautiful acoustics, if nothing else.

Maybe some of these "magnificent" buildings could be used as homeless shelters. Where those in need could receive bread and water.
"The number of those who ate was about five thousand men, besides women and children."


Some good news from Jon's Front pages
Shutting down a developer.
Will be interesting to see how Arizona state legislators will respond.


No surprise here. Happening through out the state

Speaking of the San Pedro river and churches.

I can speak for the United Methodists. We feed the hungry at most churches, with regular meals in dining rooms and help for individuals who come to the church office. And UMOM offers gold-standard social services for the unsheltered and others.


Oh, and the magnificent churches add to the worship experience. Many are considered architectural masterpieces. No snotty quote marks needed.

The Palm Lane version of Central Methodist looks like Los Angeles Union Station at first glance.

Magnificent has a whole different meaning for me. Its like calling animals, cute!
I cant think of a human built building i think is magnificent.
However i find one one story Sourh West Mexican Adobe style homes, pleasing.

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