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April 13, 2021


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It's all about physics.

Automobile 3,000+ lbs.

Human 175+ lbs.

28% of Americans are scientifically literate.

72% are potentially hood ornaments.

"See Me AZ" also reminds me of the water conservation campaigns in Phoenix and across Arizona. Billed as efforts toward sustainability and environmental protection, the real intention is for existing residents to give up their cooling lawns, trees, and swimming pools so that millions more newcomers can cram into our state. Large landholders and developers are among the few who see any benefit from the maddening population growth.

So true, Jon.
Lip service is so much easier than real action.
Thanks for nothing, Arizona.

U hit it on the head. Most pedestrians are injured thanks to the ubiquitous Ca. Stop that you see when turning right . Reminds me of the cop who stopped a motorist for coasting through a stop before making a right hand turn When told why he was getting a ticket he said “What is the difference.Slow down or 🛑. The cop started beating him with his nightstick and said “Do you want me to stop or slow down”😁😁
The bicycle lanes are dangerous because they are not separated from streets.Anybody who rides in the bicycle lane is asking for it .

Arizona drivers are often simply out to lunch. Of course they don't see pedestrians. We're lucky if they can successfully point the car down the road. I'd be tempted to attribute the mental fog to heat, but then there is this:


which suggests that Arizona has such crap drivers because in aggregate they're dumber than a bag of hammers.

Joe, you need to apologize to all bags of hammers. That was uncalled for.

One reason for inattentive drivers here is because with wide roads and good weather you can make a ton of mistakes with mo bad consequences here. Try going “a little out of your lane” in a tight east coast road or slamming on the breaks last minute in rainy Seattle. So drivers quickly adopt terrible driving habits here. And the car is king. I’ll never understand how a driver can hit a pedestrian and not get cited, but it happens all the time here.

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