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April 15, 2021


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Awesome, Jon. Thank you so much for the photos of Phoenix in the 40's. My mom & dad would have been in their 20's.

Thanks for sharing these. I love the welcome sign with the population identified as 109,912.

After I posted, I was thinking that population figure sounded high for 1940. I checked Wikipedia and it reports the 1940 population of Phoenix as 65,414. I don't know what accounts for the discrepancy.


Great post, John. You never disappoint when it comes to Phoenix and Arizona history.

El Kabong, I suspect the higher number is the county.

I love this ... My family wasn't here yet but their towns looked similar, even in the east. The matrons in the tie-up black shoes -- my Grandma Mary. Oh my heart!

Harking back to a time when photographs were actually a carefully considered art form. Only so many shots on a roll of film, time needed for development and printing--at a not inconsiderable cost. Instead, a tsunami of haphazard digital garbage like selfies, what your last meal was, your latest purchase and the like cluttering up and devaluing memories.

I see Technocracy Inc had local adherents and promoters. I had to look 'em up. Way down the rabbit hole, maybe further down than Q-nuts.

This post inspired me to spend a couple of hours looking through Lee's Arizona photos on the Library of Congress website. They're a mixed bag but some are real gems. Thanks again.

Recognize a few of these places (even from a later future). Wish there was a forest of those saguaro street lights.

That saguaro streetlight was saved and is currently at Paseo Highlands Park at 35th Ave & Pinnacle Peak Rd.

I feel the signage should include Phoenix Jaycees (est. 1929), who - among staging 50+ community events annually, helped greatly with the WWII effort, and whose Rodeo of Rodeo raised ($)hundreds of thousands which were distributed through its Phoenix Community Welfare Foundation.

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