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April 06, 2021


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There's a really nice homage to the old fire station in the entryway to the new Fry's at the Block 23 development. They've got a wall of bricks they uncovered while doing excavations and you can see stop and see an aerial photo of the station partway down the stairs from the parking garage.

I remember a visit to the jail in 1948 or 49
as a Junior Optimist. I think the goal was to scare the hell out of us and make sure we tried to stay out of there. It certainly worked on me. It was further reinforced by the tales I heard of elevators that constantly got stuck between floors.

Yep a transition from light blue shirts and officer friendly to dark shirts and big guns.

While both Democrats the contrasts between

Charles P. "Charlie" Thomas (1911 -2001
Thorald Robert “Lefty” Mofford (1907-1982)

would be a book

Others might disagree?
"He modeled himself on his former partner and mentor, Lefty Mofford, the husband of former governor Rose Mofford, and for the next eleven years, he blazed the trail to give Phoenix a tough, but fair, professional, but compassionate, police department."

What did Harry think?

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