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March 09, 2021


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4200 N. Central, 1942
I'm confused by this photo. If this is on Central looking north, there should be an empty field of the Indian School on the right. If it is looking south on Central there still would be open fields on the left. Now, if the cross street is Central, then it is looking east on Indian School rd. Your thoughts?

That photo appears to be in Litchfield.
Im curious what the large buildings are on the leftside of the photo here.

It's definitely not in Litchfield. Changed the caption.

Here's a ASU library photo of 4200 North Central taken on 12/16/1942

Looking at the building I posted they appear to be the same in John's photo.
Jon's photo has a sign with info on the
Wig Wam in Litchfield. I cant make out the garage name.

Grand Avenue Makes sense of the Wig Wam Sign

I see a fun little project: going to each of the sites and recreating the photo as it looks today. Depressing? Most likely. But enlightening nonetheless.

Might the garage name be "Leeds Bros."?

Also, might there be railroad tracks parallel to the road on the left? The poles with the double crossbars look like telegraph poles.

I always remember the enterprisingg gas station owner who posted sign saying “Lasrt chance to buy gas in Phoenix “ this was posted on tempe road and it did look that way by the desolation of the surrounding landscape I always wondered how many people cursed that owner when he found all kinds of stations inTempe and Mesa,

Be a shame if Roosevelt dam ever fails and blows out Horse Mesa, Mormon Flat and Stewart Mountain; then they'd have start all over again, like ants when children kick their hills apart.

By the way, how would a dam blowout erupt from the canyon into the valley? Like a monster fire hose? I sure don't think it's a good idea to live in a place so vulnerable, but people live next to active volcanoes.

Pat. One could only hope?
For maybe the tenth time, this Afternoon, before i did my evening walk to the deserts edge to hang out with a hawks, doves. quails rabbits and other varmints,
i watched my DVD of
" A Voice in the Wilderness."

Pat, speaking of ants. Have you read the 9th chapter, Clifford Simak added to CITY years after its first publications?
And the dogs sit around the campfires and discuss the possible existence of man.

"fantasized about blowing up federal dams"

IA_Ed: I did an enlargement of that photo -- ("Unidentified, 1942. Might be Grand Avenue.") The sign on the gas station certainly looks like it might be "Leeds Bros."

A check of the 1947-48 Phoenix City Directory reveals a Leeds & Son Garage (M.L. Leeds) at 1804 Grand, just south of its intersection with McDowell Road.

If someone does 'after' pictures hope they get posted here

I suspect the unidentified location is Grand Avenue & Indian School Road looking northwest. On the right side of the photo is a street sign that is cut off but says "IN". It also makes sense with the sign pointing toward Litchfield Park and the Wigwam.

Jack: Regardless of where the Leeds family had gas stations, I think Grand / Indian School is a pretty good call.

What might be the location/cross street for the Orangewood Ave. photo?

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