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December 21, 2020


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Great photos. And I've read your book but since I got it from the library it probably did you no good.

Where was Washington School depicted here, located?

I think it was 27th Ave and Northern.

Ramjet, Washington Grade School?

Washington High School is at 2200 West Glendale. It was built in 1955.

The Madison School was on 16th St., not 7th St. It is still there, just rebuilt and reimagined. I went there 1955 - 1964.

Washington Elementary was at 27th and Northern. Washington HS was URL’s mid 1950’s as a part of Glendale Union HS district.

So is the Washington School shown here at 27th Avenue and Northen, replaced by the school buildings there now?
I went to Glendale high school in 54
And graduated from Washington high school in 58.
The Sunnyslope Grade school i went to at 3st and Mountain View was replaced a few years ago.

The original Washington elementary school building shown in the photo burned down 2 or 3 decades ago.

When I went there, back when dinosaurs still roamed the earth, the building held 4-8th grade classrooms. And the graduation ceremony was held in its courtyard.

Those of us who attended the school in the distant past have trouble recognizing anything that remains of the school we knew.

In that way, it kinda resembles Phoenix itself.

In 1954 I lived in Alta Vista bordered by 27th avenue and Northern. The Diary Queen is still across the street from Washington Elementary School that is there now.
At least to my ancient recollection of the building that was there.

For entertainment in the early 50's we would jump over the fence into the Northern Drive Inn. After being chased by security we would jump back over and run across the School playground. Then jump in the North South irrigation ditch that bordered the school and the east side of 27th avenue to hide from the sheriffs deputies.

Ah the good ole days.
I did see two Hawks hunting today in my 30 minute stumble into the Great Sonoran Desert.
At 80 plus I welcome Barbara Peters of Poison Pen Book Store to the Octogenarian club. She turned 80 today.

Go Dons!

The school mascot is the Coronado Don, don being the name for a Spanish nobleman. Architecture [ edit ] Ralph Haver , the noted Phoenix mid-century architect, designed the original school, mostly made of pre-cast concrete. [3]

Jon, thanks for this article in your Arizona pages.

Coronado looks similar to MY school, East High (48th St & Roosevelt; demolished in 2001). Was the same designer used for both schools?

Merry Christmas, y'all.

I wanted to post this video, which undoubtedly many of you have seen. It's a kind of tourism promo for Phoenix back in the '60s. The reason it's interesting is that it shows how beautiful the desert was back then and how raw the city itself looked. The air quality was horrendous.


The desert northwest of Tucson is quite and still, this Christmas night of 2020; unlike the nation it is a part of. But as I look with my scope at the night sky and marvel again at its glory of the universe, I can only hope that the United States of America continues ad infinitum - which is my wish for this blessed nation.
Staying the course, Terry Dudas, commentator since the beginning of Rogue. A healthy 2001 to you all - most of whom I disagree with.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I an actuallly remember a lot of the places. It was a better place in those days.

I thought the punch card building was where IBM was located, at Central Ave & Highland (or Campbell), right across from where Central High is now? Thanks for all your articles - much appreciated :-)


The "punchcard building" is on the northeast corner of Osborn and Central. Designed by architect W.A. Sarmiento, it was once the headquarters of Western Savings and is now called the Phoenix Financial Center.


And thanks for the kind words.

Peg Bowden
“Arizona is a land of hard edges.”
Arizona has lost another of its
Good Samaritans and author of books on the border and migration.
Peggy Bowden sister to deceased author Charles Bowden has passed away.

No love for the indoctrination "education" system here in the USA, as it was modeled on the Prussian model of education whose aim was to produce obedient workers and soldiers who all thought the same, and whose purpose was, in the philosopher Johann Fichte's words, "must be to destroy the imagination."

But those buildings look so much better than the youth prisons of today.

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