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November 09, 2020


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Well said Jon; like many, i suspect there was a collective sigh of relief when Pennsylvania was finally called. I know it was the best day of 2020 for me. Of course there's not much of 2020 that was all that memorable.

We are now in the flushing stage. If only we could push the handle down and watch him as he was swirled away with the rest of the brown stuff. Perhaps then the never-ending nightmare would come to a conclusion. Unfortunately it's not to be.

For any of you out there who are advocates of Meyers/Briggs Personality Profiles, you know there is only one true way to destroy him. Ignore him, pretend he doesn't exist.

He thrives on coverage. Doesn't matter, good or bad it feeds his needs. Seeing himself on television is the oxygen that drives him. Without it, he will whither away.

Why we keep wondering why he won't concede is foolishness. Who the hell cares? He's a dead man walking and the sooner we shut him out of coverage, the sooner his irrelevance will be that much more apparent.

He needs to be gone and he needs to be forgotten. His supporters will never do it...but we can.

The FOBC media needs trump for $$$. You will not be allowed to forget him.

We’re going from having a person of color as president, ( orange is a color ), to a person with no color.

Democracy needs at least two sane political parties to function and America has only one. Worse, that one is being chipped away by the sanctimonious left, which is beginning to mirror-image their counterparts on the evangelical right. All cults have purity tests, and the one on the left is now quite delusional. AOC, for example, believes Biden must meet their demands or.....what? They'll sabotage the Democrats in the next election?

Our problems are only beginning. Biden is the right man for this job but it's much bigger than him. It requires a sober electorate that understands just how tenuous our noble experiment in self-rule has become. Republicans are now full-on nihilists who have effectively remade themselves into enemies of democracy. They will whip themselves into frenzies of hysteria about "stolen elections" which don't need substantiation, only certitude.

On Sunday night, a group of anarchists (aka, antifa), vandalized the Democratic Party Headquarters in Portland. https://www.koin.com/news/protests/multco-democratic-hqs-vandalized-3-arrested/?fbclid=IwAR0FxNjq5Zo8pJB6-xG3NHRJh45k1YnUOJLw4sALUVjQ0PtlFObMv-Qjl8E It's telling that the liberals who reflexively defend these assholes said nothing. Portland has tied itself into knots trying to be as woke as possible and there's no space left for anything so nuanced as repulsion. Rather, antifa is pro-BLM, which means they're beyond reproach. Accordingly, they only protest peacefully for racial justice, which as the signs say, means no peace if the justice is somehow less than absolute. Yes, since anarchists deplore all coercion, the government itself must be decapitated but citizens can still realize the new heavenly city of Wokeness by burning down buildings that oppress their purity.

Someway, we will have to reconstruct our broken civil society to account for facts and common sense. The right is ready to destroy America for its version of "reality" - everything is a conspiracy if it somehow frustrates their political domination of society. By contrast, the left believes America is on the cusp of a revolution that will completely reinvent reality on their terms. A pox on both these houses.

"the antics of the wokesters" is perfect. I have been sickened watching the assholes in Portland, etc. in their self-righteous immolation. They are just short of suicide bombers in their zeal. A pox indeed...

The biggest danger Trump poses is letting him anyplace close to the RED Button.

The biggest problems:

Attorney General William Barr Tells Prosecutors "They Can Pursue Election Probes."

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo saying
“There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration.”

The issues being decided by the Supreme court.

One would hope that the attorneys of the US revolt against Barr and disbar him.

"It aint over till the fat lady sings."
For Biden/Harris on 20 January 2021.

Even with a Biden/Harris win you still have insane GOP/Trumpism very alive. Montana democrats defeated big time. Drill Baby, Drill. Chop down them trees and dam up them streams. Trumps favorite body slammer leads the way.

There are 3.9 million registered voters in Arizona. So far it appears 3.3 million showed up.

2024 GOP without Trump?
Then the G.O.P. would control all three branches again?


At no time must we allow either one of these FOBC parties to have control of all three branches. Each party is toxic.

gently gently cathchee monkey.

thread the needle and tell the left how much you needed their votes. if we didn't show up, if bernie's folks were less enthusiastic, then the bullet we dodged would have slapped a cap in our collective asses...

Poetic Dave
pretty good dude
thank you for
"hanging ten"

I think Cal is trying to make a point; the reasons "Trumpism" exists are still here.
A good look at this phenomen can read here:


The DNC's dismissal of rising stars like AOC is a mistake. The party has complained for years that young people don't vote, but then when they do - inspired by folks like AOC and Bernie Sanders - they're told to STFD and STFU. There's a reason that Barack Obama circumvented the party apparatus to form Organizing for America - newcomers are not welcome there. The issues faced by Millennials and Gen Z (student loan debt, lousy healthcare, the gig economy, and ever-worsening climate change that will dominate their lives) are repeatedly pushed aside for fear of alienating Boomers whose idea of a successful liberal is Bill Clinton. That might work out in states like Arizona, where the Democratic Party is essentially the GOP circa 1975, but not in other places. Unless Biden incorporates progressive ideas into his administration he risks becoming Gerald Ford 2.0.

Diane, I don't see what the rush is. The reps and senators who are in their 70's, 80's and 90's are still good for another 30 to 40 years right? To them the younger generation is the boomers in their 60's.

Serving in congress is not a job, it's a calling for ETERNITY.

Look at Nancy P. she was merged with the robot from Lost in Space, that's why she can't talk without her arms flailing all around. She almost looks human.

Looks like someone bought centrist democrat reasoning hook, line, and sinker. Except that every House candidate supporting Medicare 4 All won their elections, that where legalized weed was on the ballot it won, that even Florida, who elected Trump, also passed a $15 minimum wage. All left policies that America seems to love. So it doesn't look like the left was the problem.

Unfortunately this is a lesson that the Democratic party doesn't seem to want to learn, and that kind of thinking will lead to Trump (or Trump 2.0) in 2024

Diane, Yep. Just look how many of the border Hispanics voted. They want jobs,
a family and a good Truck.
They voted Trump.
Back in my day Mexicans Males named their trucks Pepe.
Im in bed watching the dvd "Wrenched" reference Edward Abbey.
Catch up with uall manana.
Buenos Noches

Thank you Ruben, Diane, and FTLNewsfeed. My sentiments exactly.

It was a wee bit more hopeful than
"Difficult days ahead, difficult years and decades. Maybe the arc of the universe still bends toward justice but it's so long. I won't live to see things set right.

Lincoln was correct to describe our republic as an experiment. Franklin wondered if we could keep it. I'm afraid we received the answer on November 8th, 2016. I'm afraid.

A Note to Readers: I'm going to take a couple of weeks off to think about the future, and the future of this blog. Bear with me."

I'll take it

I agree with Diane. It's time to pass the reins to the younger generation.

To all of you who want the Democratic Party to tack left, recall Donald Trump's closing argument that won him Florida and Texas, and likely Ohio and Iowa as well: Democrats are socialists. You might think that voters are smarter than this but then you have to remember what country we live in.

You go to war with the electorate we have, not the one you wish we have. Maybe in a few years America will be so woke that we no longer have to worry about appealing to the WWC, or moderates, or Republican women. The sorry truth is that if we had gone the Full Bern, we would have lost in a landslide because Americans are not starry-eyed idealists who live in your information bubble. Yes, if you live in Manhattan, Boston, Berkeley, or Seattle, many do. But for the vast majority who live elsewhere, Democrats can easily be portrayed as pious and sanctimonious zealots busy shaming anyone not as pure as they are. Any ideology predicated on identity politics and neo-Marxist economic theory is going to lose elections because most Americans are not postmodern theorists or secular saints. They can be greedy, self-interested, and skeptical types who rolls their eyes when others preen their moral superiority in front of them.

Democracy is hanging by its fingertips. If you want to stomp on the Democratic hands that keep America from falling into the abyss, join your Republican counterparts and stomp away. My recommendation, however, is that you think very carefully what your purity antics have gained you: a 6-3 right-wing majority on SCOTUS, a nation closer to white nationalism than color blindness, and a looming civil war that will destroy ordinary politics as a means of settling differences. The Republican Party is already there. Please: don't let their example persuade you to give up on America.

Going for a walk, Donna?


Soleri, your points are understood. But at some point we've got to let go. The children we brought into the world have to carry on. I don't want to just sit back and watch. I want to work with them.

Who has patience for all the votes to be tabulated and who has the patience for the proper authorities to validate the vote: 99.9% of the humans on this northern hemisphere.

Who has the patience of a gnat and is peeing it's collective pants as it hyperventilates over the outcome:100% of the FOBC media.

Who is benefiting and playing off the FOBC media: Trump and his 7 dwarf idiots.

I limit myself to ten minutes of news per day. I'm thinking of cutting back.

Ruben dont worry, Barr and Pompeo know how it ends.
"Article II of the Constitution, which provides that a state “shall appoint” its electors “in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct,”

Helen - yes do that. Sanity will return.

IA, there won't be a democracy to bequeath to your children if we don't heal the gaping wound in our national soul first. We don't need political kamikaze missions. We need just enough wisdom to understand the gravity of our current task. It won't be easy - this may be our nation's darkest hour since the Civil War. Still, pretending there's some Bernie ex machina salvation is simply fantasy.

So how do we heal the gaping wound? What created the wound in the first place?

I think we underestimate the wisdom of our children. We need to nurture their ideals. As they grow older they will fossilize, just as we Boomers have. We were the flower children in the 60's. Look at us now.

If anything we overestimate "the wisdom of children." Everything from culture to job opportunities is geared to the young. They're told they are the smartest generation in history (same as the early boomers were).

We laugh at experience, knowledge and real hard-won wisdom and are surprised to find fools and traitors in our midst.

We need to avoid intergenerational wars. But ideals need to be measured against reality and history. So we need experience and wisdom that comes from time.

I was much more "fossilized" at 18 than I am today.

I've come to realize how out of touch i am with the younger generations. No idea who is right and who is wrong. Rather than judging anyone, accepting them makes more sense.

The real tragedy is we have lost our humanity. These past 4 years has desensitized us and made us uglier as a country. Nope, not all one sided. We all own where we are.

Worst of all, the pandemic is raging and any ability to recover and turn things around is steeped in our ability to get our heads around how bad it is. Sadly, it's become little more than a political football. Unless and until we come to understand how bad it is, nothing changes.



A moral responsibility

While I agree with the following,
I am not counting Trump down and out until the Fat Lady Sings for Biden on 20 January 2021.
"At this point it’s not clear if Trump needs to be thrown in prison or a mental institution."

Great article Jon! Still don't understand the dig against retirees. Lots of us have learned to be tolerant in old age and without our property taxes school funding would be in even worse shape!

Wisdom of children?
I am with you but there are others that:
A conservative's opinion about the young.
Take climate change for example

You all write much better than me. And you’re all obviously much more politically-aware than me. Heck, I don't even know what the "FOBC Media" is. Seriously, I'm in awe of almost everyone who leaves comments here, because of how astute you all seem to be, and I always look forward to coming here and reading what Jon and you all have to say.

The thought’s been nagging at me lately that trying to fix this "gaping wound" - as soleri puts it – may no longer be possible from the top down. So then, do we need to invite our neighbors with the political signs in their yards that don't match ours over for a refreshing adult beverage and a heart-to-heart about the things we have in common? If all politics really is local, is it too late to start with our neighbors, then our neighborhoods, and then...?

I probably sound pretty naïve (and perhaps I am), but I can't seem to shake the idea that we're all missing something that might help us here. I know plenty of folks that are polar opposites from me politically, yet would give me the shirt off their back – as would I for them.

We're more than our politics, aren't we? Please tell me we are.

Rogue — What you say is also true. But why? What is the motivation to tell the young they're the smartest generation? Why is culture geared to the young?

Yes, we should avoid intergenerational wars. But what is driving "the reality and history"? Over the ages a lot of "experience" supposedly has been gained and "wisdom" supposedly learned, but we still have the current political mess. Why?

When I was young during the Vietnam War I wasted no little effort in telling other people things like "we must love one another or die" (per WH Auden). The problem wasn't that I was wrong but that a lack of humility made my viewpoints too rigid to persuade. We are not angels, our aspirations notwithstanding. If there is such a thing as progress it's painfully slow and subject to immediate revocation if the conditions are ripe. Now, we see ominous clouds on the horizon and wonder if our republic will survive the approaching storm. One's moralistic self-regard won't prevent such a calamity. What might, as Jimmy C says above, is a willingness to listen and compromise.

I am instinctively self-righteous as are most people with political obsessions. I'm ready, however, to make an effort in the other direction if only because the risks to our republic are now so enormous. We are not going to vote this crisis away - the division is too stark. All we can do is pledge our good faith to chart a middle path away from violence and contempt. That means limiting the bravado, the purity tests, and the radicalism we are addicted to. To be sure, it won't be easy but an outbreak of violence will be infinitely worse.

Quotes of the day:
'I Like People Who Don't Lose Arizona': Meghan McCain

“Mr. Koch said he has since come to regret his partisanship, which he says badly deepened divisions. ‘Boy, did we screw up! What a mess!’
Lindsay Wise

"Charles Koch and his brother tried to destroy the planet for profit and broke our country in the process. He can take his mea culpa and shove it."
Adam Best

To everyone here — Thank you.

Before we can begin to heal the wound we must understand what caused it. History has recorded the rise and fall of many nations and empires. Is the American experiment nearing its end? What happened that is causing the ominous clouds on the horizon?

The arrival of humans!

Maybe I'm less dissatisfied than others because I have low expectations. At the moment I think the best we can do is muddle through. With Trump we wouldn't have. With Biden I think there's a good chance we will.

El, you miss what Pompeo said?

Cal, you had me searching for a comment here by someone named Pompeo. Then it dawned on me that you meant Mike. I know he's in denial but I haven't followed all his comments.

Anyone who still believes age begets wisdom needs to spend a few days in Sun City.

So why is it a headline (that we are inching towards) when a defeated president says "Uncle" and admits that he was not reelected?
The people who support him are the ones who die of COVID but deny the existence of the disease.
Well, people who don't believe in seatbelts are just dying off. Not converting...

Because that is how a peaceful transfer of power plays out in this country--public acknowledgement that it's over and time to move forward. I don't believe Trump has it in him to do anything resembling a gracious concession, or anything gracious whatsoever.

Stay calm friends, as my revered mother always said: "This too shall pass"
The best advice for the Trump era is to : "Flush it and move on"

Why should we be gracious about an obviously rigged election? Did Hilary shut up after her legit loss?

Really, terry dudas? Are you just being a troll, or are you actually from that alternate universe I keep hearing about, in which ¾ of all Republicans believe the election was “rigged?” Why do you suppose they (you) believe this? Listen, I don’t want rigged elections in this country any more than you appear to. So by all means, if you have proof of this outrage, you should supply it, post-haste, to Rudy and his minions. Because, so far, everything they've thrown at the wall has failed to stick, hasn’t it? Oh wait: It’s a “Deep State” plot! Somehow, those pesky Dems (or maybe it was the Rothschilds, or maybe aliens) figured out how to hoodwink a bunch of judges in several different states to demand evidence of this “rigging.” Judges demanding evidence? How far we’ve fallen!

Sorry terry/all. That was too snarky and harsh. I'm tired. And to me, this election conspiracy stuff has already moved well into tin-foil hat territory. Forgive me. The better angels of my nature are apparently MIA.

Jimmy C - I've been a steady poster on this blog since its birth, so I'm no troll. I sincerely believe this election was set up to pan out the way it is doing - kill me for that, but that is my opinion. We're all exhausted, so I forgive you - plus you are among the very few on these pages who tries to be civil. So thanks for that, but I'm sticking with my comment.

terry dudas: Thank you for a much more civil response than my posts probably merited.

How is it that we’ve both just come through the same election period, yet it seems that we are worlds apart on processing it and drawing conclusions about what just happened? Like many others, I could rant all day about President Trump planting the seeds for this chaos months ago, and about certain sections of the media and the Republican Party promulgating it, and blah blah blah. But you seem like an intelligent person who’s almost certainly heard all those arguments before, so I won’t insult you by repeating them. When I said I’m not a fan of rigged elections I meant it. But doesn’t the burden of proof fall on the group making the allegations of fraud?

R.C. I HOPE you expand on wokeness.I also was surprised by the closeness of the election. ( somehow I missed this post until today). I was also surprised by the failure of dems reelection hopes
Reelection hopes .I was really hoping for a blue wave that never materialized. I guess the senator from South Carolina is right about scaring white people into voting. (Sen.clyburn-my age and dementia is kicking in)

Jimmy C - Jimmy Carter, et al, did a study in 2005 that spelled out the problems with national elections and how to correct the situation. The findings were given to Geo. Bush and sat upon - never activated.
We see the results. I'm not making this up; research it yourself and come to your own, hopefully, enlightened conclusions. Happy Thanksgiving - perhaps the last we will have as a somewhat free people.

"perhaps the last we will have as a somewhat free people"

terry, our summer temps lasted well into November. I guess that's why you OD'd on way too much Republican Kool-ade.

Hardly, Melanoma - gin and tonic all the way.

Since I'm in a holiday mood, I would like to update a curse of old with a modern version.

Remember, "a pox on your house", from the good old chicken and smallpox times.

I would like to wish a covid on the houses of all the individuals who enabled trump his entire life. You know who you are. You benefited from the spoils and graft of his corruptness. New York politicians, media types, all officials and contractors where ever his projects ranged. Television execs, religious leaders. May the visit you and take you before you infect innocents with your rotten beings.

To quote the first lady, Fuck Christmas.

Deliverance, From what? (Natures vengeance).
Interesting these late follow-up comments. But I believe you all should try and relax until 20 January 2021.
Personally I am sitting it out until 21 January 2021. Then we will likely see if the shooting starts. I am watching old movies, cleaning my guns. Checking the ammo.

Jimmy Carter Investigation
“The commission’s main recommendations on vote-by-mail and absentee voting were to increase research on vote-by-mail (and early voting) and to eliminate the practice of allowing candidates or party workers to pick up and deliver absentee ballots,” the Carter Center said in a statement.
And since 2005, as states gained more experience with voting by mail, those concerns have lessened, it added.
TPM is a left leaning but mostly factual web site

October 2020, Jill Stein wins right to examine voting machine coding.
The Gateway pundit is a right leaning web site with low factual ratings

Regardless of who won or didn’t win I believe the number of voters that voted in the 2020 elections was the best thing ever happening in America elections. And the follow up examinations by the courts so far indicates that this was a good election.
But I do know guys that still believe that only White Male Property Owners should vote.

Side Notes.
For Terry Dudas

For everyone: Was it Coronavirus that lost the election for Trump or was it?

Meanwhile, take your vitamin D, stock up on toilet paper, wash your hands and mask up for that next robbery.

Sidenote' Cal Lash;
Fraud, baby, massive fraud. . and nothing but. Chins up.

Proof terry. Proof. Does anyone have any proof? My kingdom for a smidgen of proof,

For some additional thought read todays post by Glenn Greenwald reference the Biden selection of War Hawk and profiteer, Neera Tanden.

A couple of thoughts:

Voting machine manipulation??? In every case where a HAND recount was done, Biden picked up more votes. Observers were present. Not only no manipulation, the opposite of manipulation.

Covid vaccine??

In every textbook I've read about zombies, the zombie situation arose from the use of a miracle vaccine that was meant to help stop a pandemic. Sooooooooo, be careful what you wish for. Wearing a mask is a lot easier than having your neighbor eat your brains.

A "textbook" about zombies? It's come to that, has it?

The 2020 election wasn't rigged. That would be the 2016 election.

Fortunately, in the intervening years we've managed to work around Republican voter suppression and Russian troll farms. And there's no doubt that the sheer, breathtaking incompetence of Donald J. Trump and his merry gang of grifters, racists, and traitors helped.

I suppose it's possible that the Republicans have gotten used to winning while getting fewer votes. See 2000 and 2016. And so the idea that the candidate with the most votes wins is somewhat foreign to them.

A little bit earlier in this thread someone wrote "you seem like an intelligent person" referring to another commentator.

It needs to be pointed out that "seeming" to be intelligent is not the same thing as being intelligent.

Did Pence miss his chance to article 25 his boss?

Go easy on Pence, he just spent four years on his knees in the service of his country, oops, I meant servicing his boss.

Pence, McConnell, Graham, not a backbone within 100 miles of these worms.

Well looks like Barr and McConnell have just about used Trump up. Time to move on.




"President Trump was right about the “deep state” — sort of. There exist, in government, people and forces rigged to foil disruption."


B. Franklin,

There's a prof (with a doctorate degree no less) who teaches a class at ASU about monsters and zombies.

Voter fraud
How to vote Republican in Georgia from Florida
A Florida attorney is at the center of a new state investigation after elections officials say he recently attempted to register to vote in Georgia and instructed other Florida Republicans on how to do it .  


LaBron James - $80,000,000 for two years

Nurses - Not as much

The future

Question since time began:

Is there a God?

Is there life after death?

We'll soon know the answer.

If Guiliani croaks, there is a God.

If he doesn't, there ain't.

Finally, an answer.

Dec. 7, 2020

The year America forgot about Pearl Harbor.

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