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October 20, 2020


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Those citrus groves were fabulous.

Business properties have been built and are remarkably vacant, but more are on the way plus apartments, burbs, townhomes crammed onto what were single residential lots. Truly remarkable idiocy.

And another Republic article today about a single "bidder" on a valuable parcel in north Scottsdale. The bidder who basically wrote the development plan...

Every time I'm in the designated wilderness above the "Vistas," I think about the loss of solitude and silence that currently exists if this goes forward. Water?? What, me worry?

The serial killer developers would shoot their mother in the middle of the road at the intersection of Highway 60 and 79 if she got in the road of their developments.
I live near the mountain and I recall the mountain from 1950.
Horn toads still could be seen.
There were great Monsoon seasons And it froze in the winter.
Sad, very sad what crimes "manunkind" has perpetuated on the Great Sonoran Desert.

I am a little confused about the “news hook” for this story. Perhaps the follow will serve: today’s p. 1 story in The Republic about the North Scottsdale purchase by Nationwide Insurance (a sweet deal) and Robert Robb’s opinión piece about the way the land department has become a part of the development deal.

Redhead, the hook is the Robert Anglen scoop mentioned down in the column.

AND, while golfers are enjoying a cold beer at Gold Canyon golf course, others only five to ten miles away are hiking, searching, and even dying in the search for the Dutchman’s gold. Moral of the story: if you feel the need to hike back into the 1800’s, go prepared cause 911 hadn’t been invented yet.

P.S. Land fraud had been invented and it thrives to this day.

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