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September 07, 2020


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Nice review. As always, pictures present the visual story. Miracle Mile locations also had this name in NW Ohio and central Florida.

So nice to read about and see these spots along the old Miracle Mile. It doesn't seem all that long ago.

Before moving to Prescott in 2009, I was an occasional patron of some of the businesses on this stretch of McDowell. It had a very Mexican vibe.

There was a restaurant called La Hacienda on the northeast corner of 16th Street and McDowell, where I once left my wallet, full of cash, on the table before driving to California for vacation. I realized it was missing when I stopped for dinner that night in L.A. Luckily, a kind employee had found it and turned it in to the manager, with everything intact.

There were a few dance clubs on this stretch where I spent many nights dancing to cumbia, salsa, and meringue music--styles that I learned to dance to while studying at Universidad International in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

I even got a haircut at El y Ella salon once, talking in español with the stylist the entire time.

It sounds like it's time for another visit to the Miracle Mile, to see what has changed and what is the same.

Jon--I recently worked on survey of Miracle Mile for the city of Phoenix. It does have an interesting history. And at one point, one developer thought about calling a section of Central Miracle Mile. Ours started after WWII and first time used was late 1940s/early 1950s.

Very interesting, as usual! I didn't know Phoenix had a Miracle Mile. I was familiar with Tucson's Miracle Mile. I move to Phoenix in 1959 from Tucson. Is the Miracle Mile deli named after this area of Phoenix?

Terry, it’s named after the street nickname.

A number of cities have streets called "miracle mile" I am slightly confused as to how this stretch in Phoenix came to get that designation. I don't recall hearing that.
But I'll check into it.

In 56 I used to go to Dick's Drive In
with Westside Jerry in his jeep.
That is where I met Claudia Threadgill and her Eastside friends.

In 59 I helped redo a number of Grunow Clinic's doctors patient rooms by applying "white coat." I think we also did some outside plaster and stucco repair. I was working for either Ora Hopper Construction or Coty Reburger Plaster and drywall company. Coty and I blew the stucco on the Catholic Church at 24th Street and Campbell.
Winnie Ruth Judd and I both did time at the State Hospital as patient and para medic.

The guy in the photo in the car on the south side of tenth street and McDowell is possibly Joe Bedia, from Spain. He owned a bar in the 40, 50 and 60's at about 1400 East Van Buren.

Another hot street was US 60/US 70/US 89, (Van Buren) was once the major Highway thru downtown Phoenix used by mobsters (and others) to get to LA. Some stayed here.
One year probably in the 50's or 60's a Phoenix police patrolman who became a Police Captain got the officer of the year award for arresting the most mobsters headed west.
He retired after many years. Something about a Madam I heard.

There is a Miracle Mile Buffet at 4433 N 16th Street. Still a family affair.

Reminds me of the Old Weiss Guy Car Washes (7th avenue and Grand and Van Buren)
I think there is still a Weiss Guy's self service drive up car wash in Glendale

Miracle Mile story from 2015

Did not know this even tho I know the area (currently my mechanic has a space there). Thanks Rogue!

I love photo collections like this. Thank you for the insights.

Like so many, I have often wished that Good Sam (or whatever they are calling it these days) could have kept their original building and built around it, like St. Joe's did. Memorial Hermann in Houston is another example. Like Banner in Phoenix, they are the largest hospital in town with numerous locations but the original central hospital is the biggest. The 1920's building is mostly hidden from the street because it is completely surrounded by newer structures and towers, but it is still there in largely the same shape and it's original interior charm preserved in at least one public area.

In 62 my personal physicians office was on the SW corner of 12 street and McDowell. That spot is now a cache for runoff water.

From Jon's Arizona news pages
What the Great Sonoran Desert needs
More people. NOT

In the late 70s I used to go to a 24 hour pool room in a strip mall on the mile. Last time I remember looking,it was a furniture store catering to the Hispanic market. Was surprised to see that there was a Sandys restaurant, thought that was a midwest chain only. I still remember going to the Sandy's in Bloomington, Illinois. A short walk from the High school, where many of us still to young to drive would be picked up after football practice.

The pool hall(the name will come to me) was just east of Brookshires restaurant at 16th Street and McDowell where the famous waitress Tiny prevailed. In 72 I arrested the first Crip to come to Arizona inside that pool hall based on an informant phone call. The Crip, Waymon, advised me and my partner, Oscar Long he was there to start the trade for the California Crips.
We took his "Barrel Whites" and locked him up as we had warned him a few weeks earlier to leave town when we found him in a house at 2400 East Adams during a search warrant
Tiny eventually spent a year or two at the Brookshires at about 51 West Vanburen before her death.

Looks like Phoenix will be able to fill all those ugly new apartments.

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