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August 18, 2020


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This is one of the most wonderful and inspiring of all the awesome articles you have written. KUDOS

Absolutely loved this article, my memories are much earlier—graduated Isaac Junior High in 1948

I walked to Kenilworth in Kindergarten. I lived at 3rd Avenue and Lewis. It was about a mile but I didn't mind. It was nice in those days when you didn't need to be afraid of everything. I went to Kenilworth for 9 years and still remember most of my friends from Kindergarten! We all went through this together, all those years, then high school and finally U of A! I love your comments. It was a great time growing up!

Really enjoyed this column.

Newish fans - it must have been a good school. I had similar memories of my Chgo education in the 50s. Gone with the wind.

didn't they girl and boy entrances...seem to remember that

Great story, Jon. My mom lived a few blocks away and had Miss Metcalfe in the first grade in the late 1920s.

Notable features: Kenilworth School opened in 1920. The elements of classical design, such as classical columns and the acanthus-leaved capitals of the pilasters in the halls and auditorium were designed to compare the new school, built of local brick, with the ancient temples of learning. The building was named for the novel Kenilworth by Sir Walter Scott. Because the novel is set at Kenilworth Castle in England, the school features a modified turret on the north side.

Good read, Jon. Reminds me of my K-3 years at Washington Elementary in Bloomington, IL. Similar style building, tall windows, no AC, big stairwells. Remember the civil defense drills, being sent home the day JFK was assassinated. Remember we would bring our costumes to school on Haloween, and the teachers would parade us through the neighborhood, to the delight of the neighbors. If I close my eyes and drift back, I can still hear the rustle and smell the slightly damp leaves as we marched along.

We left Illinois and moved to Scottsdale between my junior and senior year of HS. Like you, I am a Coronado HS graduate (1975), but being the new kid and missing my friends back home, I dont have really fond memories of the place. My sister who started there as a freshman had a much better experience, she was in fine arts and had many of the same teachers you did.

You evoked the sixties at Kenilworth and in Central Phoenix so well!!! I share these memories, would only add the many pleasures of Encanto Park, the Phoenix Public Library and living close to the Fairgrounds and Coliseum to make it even more complete!! And thanks for the Harvey Family shout-out!!!
Charles Harvey MD

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