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July 02, 2020


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Will be seeing a few more buildings downtown constructed over the next few years, including a proposal for a new-tallest in Phoenix, Astra (mixed-use residential/office) at Van Buren between 2nd and 3rd avenues.

It's aways frustrated me that even
what should be the dense urban core is itself sprawled up Central.

Thanks for the interesting review of Phoenix's skyline.

The opening scene of Psycho goes from a pan of the city to zoom in on the hotel room, which if I recall correctly is actually in the Westward Ho.

Love the movie, but it always bugged me how the date given in the opening is in December, but then one of the early scenes at Janet Leigh's office has a character talking about how hot it is and they should go into the boss's office, which has air conditioning. It would have made more sense if the date was in or near summer. The lack of AC for the secretaries does somewhat make sense of Janet Leigh's impulse to take the company's money and run. Stick it to the man!

Jon, I thought it was the Hotel Jefferson. I might be wrong.

Actually, I think you're right. I went back and looked at it. The zoom is actually a bit coy. It pans to a smallish hotel from a distance, which I presume is the Jefferson but you would know better than me, then jumps to a window that is too zoomed in to show the building but is certainly a stage set.

Anyway, it was a great opening shot of old Phoenix. Apart from the historical interest, it really set the mood for the movie well.

Googling Jefferson Hotel History Phoenix az
Will provide your answer

Jon - can't help wondering how life is going for you in that marvelous urban paradise, Seattle. Light rail runabouts lately, or how about the Seattle Times sellout saga. Commente?


Nice piece as is usually the case with you. As a History major I always appreciate your work. Thanks for taking the time to do the piece on Phoenix.

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