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July 14, 2020


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Thank you very much for the beautiful photographs. This is the Phoenix my mom and dad grew up in. I lived on 7th Ave all my life at Vernon. I now live at 7th Ave and Osborn.

friends tell me the swimming hole was still around in the 50 and 60's.

Gail, you did get out to see the rest of the world outside of Vernon and Osborn, right?

I worked with a lady who at the time was in her 40's. She was born in Phoenix and had never been anywhere besides Phoenix. She bragged on it and had no intention to travel anywhere else.

Please note comment in "What happens now" thread.

Outside of Downtown, Phoenix in the old days looked rather like Chino Valley does today.

Growing up in Maryvale in the 80s and 90s, there were still remnants of "rural Phoenix" in my immediate vicinity, even old farmhouses tucked in amongst the subdivisions. Almost all are gone now.

My grandpa died this March, and lived in Maryvale until the end. The neighbors check in on Grandpa's 88-year-old widow, my step-grandmother.

Practically all the families that I knew growing up in "Scaryvale" have moved out, mostly to suburbs further out. I have moved to Prescott. But, at least on Grandpa Joe's street, Maryvale really doesn't seem very scary. Quite the contrary.

I liked Prescott when it was Pop. 5,000

Kevin, do you recall the following aspect of the west valley that was unique to the rest of the valley:

Major streets heading west shifted from two lanes to one lane with no signage and no warnings. One rainy night I was headed west on one of the west side streets, suddenly the lane was gone, replaced with a large puddle. I hydroplaned on the water, left the road and ended up in a field.

Ruben, I do remember major streets doing that, such as Thomas Road at 91st Avenue, where a transition from housing to farmland occurred. It could definitely take you by surprise if it was your first time driving down such a street.

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