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June 08, 2020


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Nice to see a seldom seen view of South Phoenix (Central and Sherman), in color at that. Some of those buildings are still there. The Model A Ford is probably long gone, though.

Much appreciated.

Gee whiz, a monorail would've been neat!

I remember going shopping with my mom at the A.J. Bayless store at 51st Avenue and McDowell as a kid. It wasn't nearly as big and nice as the Smitty's at 43rd and McDowell.

There were no Bashas' stores in Maryvale that I can remember, although Bashas' lower-end Food City stores are ubiquitous there now.

I worked at Bashas' in Flagstaff while attending NAU. I liked working there.

Thanks for invoking a few memories!

Thanks for the memories, Jon (and Brad). The first photo of JFK's motorcade included a sign for a western wear store with a reference to the long-out-of-use term "squaw dresses". That's a cringe-worthy term these days - kind of like Squaw Peak. Oh well ...

Jon. Thanks for these. I recall most all those. Especially the photo of McDonald's where i and my buddy, Buckeye Jim had our last for fun non profit fight with three losers in the dirt lot behind McDonald's.
The fight ended when one guy hit Jimmy in the back of the head with a 2 by 4 and then they all ran off.
A deceased friend, Bob Cosgrove worked at McDonald's before moving on to a government job in DC. I recall burgers being 18 cents and free at closing time.

I love the memories these photos elicited! Thank you so much, Jon.
I was brought to Phoenix during the 40’a and 50’s during the Arizona Legislative Sessions by my grandparent from Clifton, Arizona. Then I attended ASU and lived in Phoenix for the next sixty years. Lots of memories there.

Great, Jon! Brings back memories of my early ad agency located in the "punch card building," on the first of the later-added floors. Panoramic views to the north and NE through floor-to-ceiling glass. My first radio DJ gig was at KRIZ, the studios of which were on the top floor of the same building (pre-addition) back when I was a 19 year-old ASU student, as well.

I have been informed by a friend that she recalls pay 10 cents for a McDonald's burger.
Other people that i ran with in the 50's have asked to see cruising photos. If you know of such perhaps you could share?

East side.
Claudia T
Are you out there?

Yep Mid Century Phoenix. i watched American Graffiti and dreamt of Leave it to Beaver and The good ole days of Mayberry. But i am awake again to the big world of Orange Nightmares and Orwellian jabberwocky. I delve into ancient Roman policing and their handling of Runaway Slaves. I want to ask Plato what to do. But instead think I'll re-read Camus Plague and at nearly 80 roll the rock back up the hill, Agin. Right after i look to my denizen pals. The Gecko, the Verdins and Quail. The Rabbits and that red headed hummingbird hanging out in the Great Sonoran Desert Summer.

Odds of making to 80 are slim
so before I exit stage Left/Right?

I can certainly comment on this post. I was born in Phoenix in 1937. I have seen more change than most. I lived at 7th Street and Portland until 1949 in the house my Grandparents bought in 1920.
We moved to 17th Ave and Elm St (19th Ave & Camelback) in 1949. I used to shoot a limit of doves in the backyard before going to school in the morning.
The northern city limit was at Thomas Road at that time.
The 50's was my happy time. We cruised Central and several others on a regular basis.
I, like Cal, was involved in a fight or two. I did hit somebody with a 2X4 once but it was by Madison Square Garden and we were very badly outnumbered.
I, obviously, could go on forever and tell many tales and even talk about a "skeleton" or two. i won't continue to bore any longer.
Roger Simpson AKA Ramjet

Madison Square was at 7th ave and Adams?

Skeletons. I recall in 59 when they found my hod carrier Rudy in a shallow Sonoran desert grave south of Phoenix.
His 6 foot, 3 inch, 235 pound body was identified by the full back tattoo of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Some mention was made of the Cabrone Bro's.
At the time i was manning a hose for the Hopper plastering and drywall company pouring a rubber like roof on a piece of the old Goldwater store. I cant recall if it had become Dillards.
Around those times a friend,Bob Cosgrove an ASU architecture student that had worked at McDonald's was helping design and build the first truss joist in Arizona. As i recall it ended up with John F Long. Bob went onto DC and was the ladt last word on problems with VA construction problems. He died in Waco.

Meantime i heard rumor that Trump is headed out to see Jon in Seattle to formulate a plan to annihilate those
anti fascist commies occupping the town?

Since we're headed back in time, word is that a pandemic brought down the Roman Empire.

I think it was Covidicus XVII

P.S. I wish we could go back to the time of the Donna Reed show, but I'm afraid we can't.

Never saw her tv stuff.
Only movie i saw was
From here to Eternity.
Not my type.
To pale and from Iowa.
Glad to hear your
still with us, young man.

7th and Adams is right. Some citizens of a latino persuasion took exception to our car club jackets "Sidewinders" with a snake logo. we felt it necessary to show them that snakes were dangerous. The next installment will deal with being a "bootlegger" in 1956 Phoenix.

I recall those jackets.
And a few Rumbles.
Has been a while since i saw a female hand with two tattoo dots
or a car attena fashioned into a zip gun.
One could always find a fight at Ciots, Sarges Cow Town or Riverside.

"I, obviously, could go on forever and tell many tales and even talk about a "skeleton" or two. i won't continue to bore any longer.."

Please do. All the big things, for better or worse, are recorded history. These personal anecdotes are all that are left.

"The Fire Next Time"

I was supposedly a student at the U of A.in 1956. It really was an excuse to be close to Nogales. Two trips with 4 guys a week = 32 bottles of Oso Negra at $1 a bottle.
Saturday night in back of the Three Palms we sold them for $10 per and no ID required. The profits were reduced by having to give the off-duty Phoenix PD guard 3 bottles every time.
I am pretty sure that the statute of limitations is over so Cal, can't arrest me.

Roger U take a time out at Maria's Cantina back room?
And Lunch at the Caverns?

56, I recall the time the US border patrol tore the headliner out of my car.
They still didnt find the booze but they found my black jack (a sap) under the dash on top of the radio. 12 years later i passed on getting a sap at Johns Uniforms at 1800 East Van Buren.
In 68 uniform pants came with a sap pocket.
Which reminded me again in the 50's when i watched a cop sap a drugged up man probably 6 times in the head before he went to his knees in front of the Zombie Drive up on Central Avenue.
Must have been my philosphy reading that got me the "Lash is a social worker with a badge" designation from my fellow officers. There was only one policeman that i talked philosophy with.
He went onto be Dallas,Texas police Chief.
Ben and i ran a lot of miles together. Times we would run the dirt forest road from Munds Park to Mormon Lake (14 miles) for lunch at the lodge. Or ride bicyles from Phoenix to Flagstaff via Payson an Happy Jack.
Yep dem der twas da days.

But given all the current turmoil, tonite think I'll watch Edward Olsmos in Zoot Suit. Always reminds me of Gruber Underwear factory in Glendale. Back when we welcomed immigrants.
Hasta luego

Got my ambulance uniforms and duty boots at John's, when it was on McDowell. And also a sap, which saved me more than once and I still have.

Jon, Take with you on your next trip downtown.

Nogales was always 25 cent screwdrivers at the B29 and the occasional trip down Calle Canal.
I once saw Danny Zapien sap a guy 5 times before he went down at the Riverside.

Hitting someone on top of the head is the least effective way to gain control of a situation.
The current demonstrations world wide and recent comments by US military personnel may have as much to do with Trumps undoing as the addled words spewing from his pursed lips.
Will be interesting to see how handing over more responsibility to unarmed social workers and other professionals goes. Oregon has successfully had such a program in place for many years.

Phil Motta, I remember hearing you on KRIZ. KRIZ and KRUX were the only stations playing the music we wanted to hear, and they also promoted concerts when the bands came to town. Who was it that got into that backstage dustup with Dave Clark of the Dave Clark 5 (at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, if I recall correctly)?

I went to the same high school as Phil Motta, though he was a couple years ahead of me. As I recall, he was singer in a local group called P-Nut Butter, and prior to that the Playthings (which was at first the Playboys, but then they heard from the lawyers for Gary Lewis and the Playboys...) I could have this wrong. Some background here, source and veracity unknown to me.

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