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May 25, 2020


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No one knows

President Kennedy May 1961 - Our national goal is to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade.

President Trump May 2020 - Our national goal is to fully stock the toilet paper aisles in our grocery stores by the end of the decade.


I'll never understand the mask thing. I wear the mask to protect the cashier from me, not the other way around. You would think it is not that difficult to understand.


When I see a photo of a person wearing a sidearm, carrying an AR 15 with a rocket launcher over his back going into a Subway to order a sandwich, I don't say "Hey, now there's a patriot." What I say is "this idiot is wasting our oxygen and needs to choke to death on a meatball sandwich."


I've never been one to "run with the herd" so I'm guessing that herd immunity thing is out of my reach. (:-(

The present situation is merely another step in the history of the evolution of the world.
It is worse because of the increased population of the world. I have long said that we are screwing ourselves out of a place to stand.
It will, as it always has, pass away. It is a given that some new calamity will eventually come along to make us forget the current one.

No predictions coming from this corner as far as which was worse the 1918 flu or Covid-19. Sterner stuff, our grandparents? I have a good friend whose husband is a respiration therapist for patients who’ve been on ventllators for more than a week. Is science our friend here when positive outcomes are unlikely. Waiting to hear what happens in Brazil?

Brazil's indigenous decimated.
Once good health service decimated.
Amazon environment decimated.
Eventually Brazilians hang
Bolsonaro from the highest tree.

One way or the other, we will get through the COVID19 mess. Ir will take longer for the economy to come back than some are suggesting.

What we cannot survive is another four years with the king of chaos trying to run the country based on his "gut feelings." There is/was a reason to surround past presidents with qualified experts in their field. Only the best people indeed.

I cannot even begin to picture a lame duck president trump. With no boundaries and no repercussions for his willful ignorance and the country might just collapse. If he is re-elected, maybe that is what we deserve.

The Mark Lila quote is spot on. There has been plenty of making it up as we go along-it is a "novel" virus after all.

Don't need masks for healthy people, ooops, wear masks in public all the time--the mortality rate is an order of magnitude greater than flu, or not, maybe it's about the same per current studies--the virus is easily transmitted from contaminated surfaces, but maybe it's not...

There has been a degree of mass hysteria that I haven't seen since Y2K. The difference is, we got up on 1/1/2000 and, by golly, the world didn't end, and "normal" life resumed. This is going to play out for who knows how long, and everyone is on their own journey to decide how to deal with it.

Bill- as Clint Eastwood saying to Gene Hackman in Unforgiven-“deserving ain’t got nothing to do with it” then he shot him.Greatest cowboy movie ever made.
Cal- great poem

2 remarks, neither related. Miranda used to hang out on front of my father's south side grocery store selling autographed Miranda Warning cards for whatever people would pay for them ... These times are reminders of the Santayana quote "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". The Spanish Flu pandemic provides lessons that our current government serms hell bent to ignore. These are hard times.

Cal- good luck with getting rid of Bolsanaro, if the military and the drug runners are in charge. São Paulo and Rio don’t care about the Amazon or the indigenous. And it’s the beef eating northern hemisphere that is turning the Amazon into a cattle range.

Well Oliver wanna join the insurgency?
You, me and Sean.
Mike, Poem? Just random mind bs.
Unforgiven Eastwood's best acting!
Jon 7190 I'll try and get back to u later about your previous posting on conservatism.

Ramjet, the population of the world has increased by 33,000,000 during the pandemic.

Cal- What’s the secret handshake? Who’s Sean?

PS Puppet Bolsanaro is culling the herd.

"Culling the herd"
i sent you that story.
I prefer thinning.
Sean is the older than you and i guy
that gets to lead. But it will be a bit as he is occupied with a
woman on a train in Russia.

Jon maybe your grandmother didn't lose anyone in the pandemic. My grandfather told me his younger sister went away to school and died of the flu in 1918. It killed so quickly she couldn't travel the 50 miles home. And, likely she died without family present. He told her s
tory to me 55 years after her death. He was unharmed in WW1 service, but she succumbed. He certainly thought it was a great disruption.

If only we can make something good come from our pandemic, like national healthcare. I can't shake the feeling that we are on our own, with no plan or thought about how to make the elderly and immune compromised safe while reopening the economy. We have better lives, mass communication and science now, yet politicians are pretty callous about the lives lost. Very troubling.

try this


and for more , this


Urbanization, density, plagues, isolating.
I agree with Ed Abbey,
"if a man cant piss in his his front yard, he is living to close to town."

Cal from a tin can in the desert.


What happens now:

On one side of my family, the entire immediate family got the Spanish flu, and were all so sick no one could care for each other. They felt their neighbors saved their lives by looking in on them and helping them through the worst days. What a testament to the value of community.

They were rural agricultural folk too sick to travel and the doctors were too busy in town to journey out and see them, so their neighbors were truly lifesavers. One hundred years later, I exist, thankful for their making it possible.

”What is explained can be denied but what is felt cannot be forgotten”
Charles Bowden

As a young man, excited about a space launch and upset about racial tensions sweeping the country.

As an old man, excited about a space launch and upset about racial tensions sweeping the country.

I must be in a time warp.

it seems more were interested in a free merchandise night launch at Scottsdale Fashion Mall than a space ship docking.
Any happenings in downtown Strawberry?

Whats next?
A 50 year old letter and today.

Bad time to ask Mr. Cal. I-17 has been closed most of the day so traffic has been rerouted through Strawberry - Pine - Payson.

I would imagine about now the toilets and dumpsters in Strawberry are overflowing with donations from the flatlanders.

Stay cool.

What happens now?
Trump declares martial law and declares he is king for life. Its the only way bonespurs can avoid hiding out in a DC basement.

The plan all along has been to declare that an election can't be held due to the catastrophic condition of the country. Trump therefore must remain president for life.

I find it beyond laughable that you could attribute the ability to plan to Trump. He flies by the seat of his pants, with no advice considered.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and speculate that Gov. Doofy is taking daily doses of that colliluquine stuff. Through most of this mess he had been approaching things in a sane, measured way. Ever since the Orange one visited our state, Gov. Dufus has gone nuts. He opened up the state with strange and conflicting guidelines. Now because of a little vandalism in Snobsdale, he imposes a STATEWIDE curfew??????????

Hell, up here in the hills we don't know what day it is much less if it's 8pm.

I'm guessing it's right around what we call dark-thirty. By then we're in bed.

Dog, your correct about Donnie but if there is a plan whoe planned it. Or as Joe Turner said, "by Random>"

I prefer Governor "Cup or Waffle Cone?"

But Gov. Doofy or Gov. Dufus works as well.

Non-tabloid headline:


101,000 test positive

99,200 SURVIVE

Went to a local restaurant yesterday.

Ten employees, no masks.

Asked for manager/owner.

Why no masks?

They say they have asthma.

All ten have asthma??

If they tell me they have asthma, I can't force them to wear masks.

Restaurant employees are their own worst enemies.

I'm done feeling sorry for them.

P.S. The manager\owner was wearing a mask.

Payson is Mountain Man country.
No masks but beaver hats.

Still no cure for stupid.

Add in arrogance and you've got an unbeatable combination.

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