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March 31, 2020


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Thrilled by the new book coming out, that's exciting of and by itself. Better yet Cal and friends, i think Jon just gave us the green light to have an off-topic free-for-all on things sane or not.


On a more serious note, who among us is purchasing Wrestlemania's two night event?
Asked with a smile.

If you're tired of searching for toilet paper, and you've run out of things to read, I highly recommend pouring out a few fingers of whatever and diving into Hilary Mantel's Thomas Cromwell trilogy: "Wolf Hall", "Bring Up the Bodies" and "The Mirror and the Light".

C.E. Morgan's "The Sport of Kings" is also a worthy way to kill a few days.

If this drags on long enough, you might also finally get around to "Remembrance of Things Past".

Down on the Farm with Newton?


"TB evolved from diseases of our cattle, influenza from a disease of pigs, and smallpox possibly from a disease of camels. The Americas had very few native domesticated animal species from which humans could acquire such diseases.

The adoption of agriculture, supposedly our most decisive step toward a better life, was in many ways a catastrophe from which we have never recovered.

Forced to choose between limiting population or trying to increase food production, we chose the latter and ended up with starvation, warfare, and tyranny."
Jared Diamond

And when these plague subsides.
we are not prepared

"return to normalcy" is a false statement.
the Short version of the above articleon climate change is
""The problem is that the status quo is a suicide."

"The future may be unpredictable, but global pandemics aren’t. There isn’t a single government on the planet that hasn’t been warned, repeatedly, that at some point a viral pandemic will sweep the globe, causing untold death and economic disruption.
And yet most failed to prepare for the novel coronavirus."

Safe to say Cal, none of us appear to be Newton, irrespective of our "quarantine." I will only base that on what I have read here since the Rogue took his leave to finish the book.

On this Easter morning in Sun City AZ with the sun blazing, the blue sky exploding and a hot cup of coffee steaming in hand; may each of you have a blessed Easter Sunday. Stay safe and as reasonably at peace as possible.

"Blessed easter sunday?"
Did you mean Ishtar?

1968. The year I joined the Galactic PD


The Great Pause
"one can attempt to adjust one’s life to falling beams but will readjust as soon as the shock wears off." Sam Spade

Hoping everyone is doing well through these trying times. Quiet on the blog would be an understatement. I did enjoy JT's take on the Seattle economy in his latest column.

I suspect many of you are reading way more than usual. One of my favorite websites these days is The Resurgent. It is run by an avid group of Never-Trumper's and the writers are exceptionally gifted.

Two days ago there was a story posted i found quite intriguing. It was written by Jonathan V Last and titled We Cannot "Reopen" America. Interesting take on the bigger picture economy, especially along side Jon's

You can read it here: https://thebulwark.com/we-cannot-reopen-america/

"Soluitude is the cure for loneliness "
Marianne Moore, poet

If you missed it in the news (not hard to do), there have been some interesting developments in the Gen. Michael Flynn case. It is looking increasingly hard to deny that the man was seriously wronged. 

You may not agree, but if you aren't reading Andy McCarthy you aren't seriously grappling with the issues. For your consideration:



Off the right-wing media blitz, there's this factual update from Lawfare:

So far, however, nothing has emerged that remotely clears Flynn; nothing has emerged that would require (Judge) Sullivan to allow him to withdraw his plea; and nothing has emerged that would justify the Justice Department’s backing off of the case—or prosecuting it aggressively if Flynn were somehow allowed out of the very generous deal Special Counsel Robert Mueller cut him.


I'm sticking with Greg Olear on Prevail when it comes to Trump and his rotating entourage. Criminal enterprise!

Since J Edgar the FBI has had a number of bad practices and some un ethical and politically oriented agents. Regardless how this works out for Flynn. I think he made some bad decisions and some bad verbalization when it came to Trump.
I think Hoover was a bad leader.
However i have known a number of good Feds.
But nothing is surprising as the USA continues its Manifest Destiny plan for the Universes.

Mr. Lash, do you agree with the opinion that Hoover was blackmailed, most probably regarding his sexuality, by the Mafia?

As far as Flynn goes, if we started executing a few traitors, instead of giving them a slap on the wrist and a book deal, we might discourage all sorts of bad behavior. Just a thought.

Franklin, in my subjective opinion I think Hoover blackmailed a lot of folks including Organized Crime (OC) figures. However more likely about the Italian and Jewish mafia, I think it was about the DEAL.

When I became a Narc and later a white collar crime investigator I was told that to be a successful investigator the best thing to have was the most successful criminal as your informant. I rejected that route from the get go. My most honorable informants were prostitutes (regardless of gender). After all they named me, “The Red Dude.”

For example you determine who is the biggest dope dealer in your bailiwick and invite him to a meeting and inform him how much time and money you can spend investigating (harassing) him. But if he gives you information that keeps you busy otherwise it’s a win/win. You put people in jail/his competition.

In my white collar crime days a very successful fellow detective had the assistance of financial shaker and mover with OC connections and was in charge of a political party.

Of course you probably already knew that if you are familiar with the operations of most nation’s law enforcement and spy operations.

Regarding traitors. I have trouble with that word. Are Edward Snowden and Donald Trump traitors?

And I am opposed to killing folks. Although I once lived with a person that said, “Some people just need killing.” Well maybe she was right.

Stay safe dont forget to wash your hands.
PS, U can call me Cal

I read the whole (long) article posted by Rogue. The author may be right that legally the government misconduct wasn't egregious enough to get the case dismissed and maybe even not enough to get the plea vacated, but that kind of misses the point in my view. Just because the law allows the government a lot of latitude for aggressive tactics for handling hardened criminals doesn't mean that it's right to apply those in every case, such as a senior White House official one week into his job (who happens to be a 33 year Army member) who may have committed a process crime while being interviewed as part of a politically motivated investigation by holdover members of the previous other-party administration hoping to nail or at least hobble the much-detested new president.

The article doesn't address some key points including:
-Lack of apparent good-faith basis for the interview. FBI had already concluded there was no evidence of collusion on Flynn's part, and the recordings of his phone call with ambassador didn't show anything improper.
-Recent revelations showing misstatements by Flynn to possibly be immaterial (not relevant to investigatory basis for interview)
-The government withheld exculpatory information prior to his plea. Three years on and all this very relevant info is just now being provided to defense, which is still not satisfied that they have everything including the original interview notes from the interviewing agents.

Not withstanding an outright dismissal or a presidential pardon, the best case for Flynn would be withdrawal of the plea. If prosecutors wanted to still pursue the case (a big if), getting the case in front of a jury would be good for him. Even if he is technically guilty, the whole case wouldn't pass the smell test to the average lay jury member.

Jon7190. I agree that this is one big cluster fuck. So in the interest of the American Public i suggest a plea deal.
Flynn and all the cops involved plead to disturbing the peace. And are sentenced to community service in a large DC hospital.

Ps, a pardon by Trump dosent benefit anybody but the orange hologram of the king of the deal. Not!

Gee, an unredacted Mueller Report would go a long, long way in unscrambling this "cluster fuck."

Gosh, I wonder why Barr and Trumpie don't want it released.

Probably "national security" huh?

But which nation and whose security?

Barr sends Fynn case to dry cleaners. An injection of PERC cleans it up and Flynn walks. Trump might get a couple of hours sleep tonight. Before he tries to murder his enemies with twitter messages.
And Clorox injections.
Is, As the World Turns still in tv?

If you feel like posting anything soon, I would love to hear your perspective on Arizona’s plans to reopen.

Hello gents.

I'm hoping Gov. Cuomo hasn't sent too many WuFlu positive patients to your "Assisted Living Facilities" (what a cute way of saying nursing homes). BTW, when is everyone going to start asking the real question - why is NYC failing the fight against the WuFlu in such a spectacular way?

Anyways, you know why I'm here. I jump in from time-to-time to let you get a little dose of needed introspection. No one else in your world does, so here, take a little break from it all. Indulge yourselves.

Let's go through a short list to help zero-in on the cause of your unending madness. Which of the following do you most identify with (tell me where the bad man touched you):

-Let's hope the electors don't vote for Trump
-Recount! Jill Stein! Why?!
-"but the popular vote!!!!11one11!"
-25th Amendment!
-He's a Racist!
-Russian "Hacking"
-The pee dossier
-He's Hitler!
-Stormy Daniels!
-The medical examination! His doctor is lying!
-Emoluments Clause!

Please fill in any items I missed that might trigger you. If you identify with one or more of these items - more importantly, if you still believe these narratives - take a nice good long look in the mirror. You're probably a crazy person.

All of these narratives fell apart. You lost. We are winning. We will keep winning. And you will continue your descent into madness.

I wish you weren't so crazy, but you are.

80,000 dead and counting.

30 million unemployed.

And that's winning to you?

Send your resume to the White House. You will fit right in.

And please, please, promise you won't ever wear a mask or gloves.

Ostracism I recommend Loperamide.
and vote for Petalism.

Ostracism said, "I wish you weren't so crazy, but you are."

During the years of my government work experiences I found myself in positions of opposing authoritative figures. I lost very few of those incidents and those folks including mostly people who out ranked me but were losing most usually resorted to attacking my sanity.
My answer to them was, "Your Right"
It' a keeper.

Tin can Sonoran desert solitude:
As a result of email contacts and news via my cell phone (I don’t zoom, facebook, twitter, or snapshot. I don’t have cable or netflix and I haven’t watched TV for three years. Not that I ever watched it.) I have heard a large number of comments about loneliness and depression as a result of the most current virus. With comments like, “I never knew there was such a thing”. Since about 750 AD the planet has struck at human vermin with around 300 plus plague type attacks. Clueless we trudge on.
My experiences fit this definition. “Solitude, is a state of being alone without being lonely and can lead to self-awareness.”
Around 10 March 2020, I moved onto a mode of infrequent outside contact.
Consequently I have had four physical contacts with one person. I have necessities delivered and occasionally park my car in a grocery parking lot and wait for a store employee to throw food in the hatch. I have maybe driven 200 miles in two months. I haven’t shaved or had a haircut since. I haven’t had a Starbucks or frequented a restaurant or a bookstore or mall. I still brush my teeth. I have saved more than $1000 bucks. $300 of that I used to buy books online. I am saving a couple of bucks for Talton’s next novel.
The Canadians abandoned my locale some time ago and the few remaining snow birds and soil bankers should be gone by the first of June. Thus missing the best months the desert has to offer.
I enjoy walks on the deserts edges. I water cactus. I watch rabbits and birds drink at the same time from the same water dish. I read. I throw a VHS tape or DVD of George Carlin or Richard Pryor on late after my eyes began to strain from reading.
So the good news, Talton likely will soon have a new book for our pleasure.
The bad news, the governor will declare the state “open.” Business as usual?
As the natures of the universes contract and expand the planet earth continues its
Cal Lash. Nearing 80 in the great Sonoran Desert. What’s left of it?

Read. Good stuff on Front Pages.
Great Atlantic article on Putin stealing the 2020 election.


Spot on B Franklin; so much winning. Could well be the next replacement for Kayleigh McEnany. What would that be? His 5th or 6th in the past three and half years.

There's only one way to prove the pandemic is over. Trump and his entire family of miscreants need board the largest cruise ship in the world. Throw on 4000 of his most devout followers and let them set sail for two weeks. No masks, no gloves, no testing and for God's sake, none of that social distancing bullshit.

And so they feel at home, let them all bring their AR 15's and AK 47's. After all, real men (and women) have no fear. Imagine the testosterone and machismo exuded by this massive group of winners.

It would be only fitting for the king of chaos to lead his minions to the promised land. Truly, the cruise of a lifetime.

I did visit Hanny's for a celebratory drink earlier this week. Much to your dismay of course, I must report that I am still in full health - a robust and healthy young conservative American.


For all of you octogenarians (with Cal as the exception as it seems he is a free-roam octo), the best place for you is most likely outside of your assisted care facility.

Nursing homes account for:

70%+ of PA WuFlu deaths
25%+ of NY WuFlu deaths
40%+ of IL WuFlu deaths

It seems as though the core competency of the left is eliminating society's most vulnerable - at both ends of the age spectrum of course.

Keep believing your fairytales. Enjoy your gaslighting.


Oh Ostra,
what a Hunk you are?
Do a calendar.
Minus shirt.
Maybe on a horse with
a 30/40 Craig in hand.

As a 79 year old retired cop,
an old Air Force Medic and
a frugal Republican for 60 plus years,
Its MHO The planets most dangerous
10 year old is still on the loose.

And more great news. Flynn and Manafort have been brought back from the dead (end) by their 10 year old playmate.
Who is currently working on getting the spewing Roger Stone out from underneath the rock he dug a hole under.

And wouldn't ones booze bucks be better spent at a Circle K?

Reading suggestions.
The Uninhabitable Earth and
The End of Truth.

Cal - you need to lighten up or you won't make it to your 80th.

Thanks, Terry.
Glad to see your back to your name.
I prefer to keep the pace.
So i dont live to be 80.
WTF its been one hell of a ride.
Ive been places and seen things you likely couldn't imagine.
Why is it we want to
"Kill the Messenger?"

Had to quit reading this Saturday evening
so i put on an old VHS tape of the "Killing Fields,"
You know, made made plague!
From a lab in DC.
Now its Sunday.

Jon 7190. I think you will like the Flynn article on Consortium news by retired
FBI Agent Coleen Rowley.

Cal, thanks, that was an excellent Flynn article. Unique perspective from a former FBI agent. https://consortiumnews.com/2020/05/18/ghost-of-j-edgar-haunts-flynn-investigation/

"Our Man is a reminder that, in a world where such men are consistently put in the driving seat of world events, it should be no surprise that the most disastrous mistakes are the ones most often repeated."

OOOPs wrong blog

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