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March 24, 2020


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Thank you. Outstanding as always.

Nice picture too.

Nice. I am in the middle of A Brief History of Phoenix and some of the characters are simply fascinating.

It is a challenge when you think about how many people came from somewhere else and how little they care about how Phoenix developed. The oddity is we have better access to all things historical and yet most folks are fixated on what their latest text message is or who tweeted what?

It's one of our struggles in Sun City. Although we are only 60 years old, most residents are clueless about just how unique we are. Working on a marketing strategy built around this: "The Community That Changed A Nation." We'll see.

“Can Arizona turn purple? It all depends on whether Hispanic turnout can improve.”
I have been hearing this for at least 50 years and it ain’t gonna happen. If the corona virus doesn’t reveal the emptiness of conservatism nothing will. If people don’t get their heads out of the sand now I give up.

Good post, and I recommend your book on Phoenix history to everyone.

Mike, the hot political wonk of the moment is a woman named Rachel Bitecofer. She correctly predicted the Democratic House pick-up of 41 seats. She just moved Arizona from toss-up to lean Democratic: https://www.niskanencenter.org/bitecofer-post-primary-update/?utm_source=The+Bulwark+Newsletter&utm_campaign=01ba331b2e-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2020_03_26_11_17&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f4bd64ac2e-01ba331b2e-80696337

Soleri- I’m more concerned about Wisconsin,Michigan and Pennsylvania. Although ,I like her comments about Az..I don’t see how anybody cannot but blame Trump for the existing mess we are in re: the Coronavirus and his America first policy..

Mike. We knew this was coming.
Around 58 to 62 i was reading stuff with big hints. Try some research.
First Recorded Pandemic, 541AD, Justinan.
And then how the Obama administration handled H1N1.
Keep the Faith, maybe the Democrat convention will select Pelosi for president and Cuomo as VP.
"Anybody but Bernie."

Cal Lash
You have got to be fucking kidding.

Phil. I come here to evoke responses.
Maybe its cause i read The Jacobin news on Sleepy Joes Disappearance?
My above was about 20/20 Hindsite.
Forest Gump would be a better choice than the Donald. The planets most dangerous thing.
I am not the smart guy in this room.
Just the ole campfire guy in the desert.
whose IQ is 100 on a good day.

Googling Phil Trum and Philtrum is interesting!

Phil, note i was quoting not saying "anybody but Bernie."

Cal: I suspect his angst was over Pelosi. That said, i'm growing more fond of Cuomo on a daily basis. Besides, he isn't older than dirt.

What Ageism Angst on this blog.
Then why did we let Toomas Hendrick escape New Jersey to become Estonian president?

Oh he is not a citizen? But i heard that we had a foreign born president some time ago?

Suffice to say Jon, you have an eclectic group of posters. Our bad as we tend to drift. Let me try and get it back on topic, at least kind of.

Just finished A Brief History of Phoenix. Fun read and when i was done i was filled with a sense of loss. In fact you could have named it “Paradise Lost,” but seems to me that title was taken. I suspect you have peaked my curiosity in that i know some of the characters are well worth a deeper dive.

What is so frustrating is there is so little interest by almost anyone when it comes to our roots. For whatever reason, it is as if no one cares because it just doesn't matter. My best guess is that would be true in a lot of places. Though i do suspect the more transient the population, the less interested in how and why we got where we are.

The beauty of your book is it helps fit the pieces of the puzzle together. Having read many of the columns you have written, they all fit with the sense of loss from what you knew, loved and appreciated. Obviously having witnessed the changes, you feel more intimately attached.

After reading your book, i get it. It’s probably why i so enjoyed the Mapstone series. Your ability to weave history into the story telling helps make it come to life. Reminds me of Nelson De Mille and his unique way of drawing readers in.

I often think younger people find history boring and perhaps the key is to make it both interesting and educational. Of course i am neither young or “normal” so i don’t know what my critique is worth. Kudos because it helps me as we lay plans in being able to tell the “Sun City” story.

Thanks for the kind words, Bill. Phoenix has a rich history, usually lost by the enormous population churn.

Thank you for sharing the history about Phoenix,it's such a great city to visit.

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