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February 24, 2020


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Great photos.
In the subject of WATER
See Harvard review article in Arizona front pages section.

God,how I miss downtown. I was concentrating on making a living I didn’t enjoy or protect it enough. My loss.

Surprised at the amount of automobiles in some of these pictures, the second one in particular. Several large and expensive looking cars.

Wonderful photos. We live in the area that used to be flooded by Cave Creek. The clay soil remains as a souvenir.

I'm always struck by seeing people in the ditch canals. It's an era I wish I could have been a part of. It seems so ... so Arizona, so desert.

Thank you for the great pictures. The Brophy picture - hard to imagine that is Central just south of Camelback.

You havent lived if you havent swam in a canal or shot down the flumes or been kidnapped and thrown in the Arizona canal by Glendale White Russians who tossed beer cans at you as you swam for the other side to scramble out.

Roger, I don't go back to the 1920's like cal does, but if you've played in a canal as a child and you feel something clamp on to your foot and it's a catfish trying to eat you foot first, it's a memory that will stay with you for a lifetime. Over my lifetime, I've eaten many catfish in retaliation.

Helen Highwater doesn't know the difference between a fake Koi and a bottom feeding mudcat.

Check out Jon's Arizona pages legislature inaction on ground water use

Regarding the photo of Brophy College (original name as it included both a high school and college curriculum at first) -- the school attempted to attract boarding students and a sleeping porch was provided. An early ad touted "The Sunshine School" which was "located three miles north of Phoenix, Arizona." (The northern city limit was at McDowell Road.)

US Census figures for the City of Phoenix, 1900-1930:

1900 -- 5,544
1910 -- 11,314
1920 -- 29,053
1930 -- 48,118

19,065 added during the 1920s.

This happens rarely, but I found a mistake in a Rogue column. The Westward Ho broadcast tower was erected in 1949, so that lovely residential street scene was photographed somewhere between then and a later date, most likely in the 1950s.

Thanks so much, Soleri. It's been removed. I work without a net, so always let me know errors.

The Feburary issue of Arizona Highways had some great photos including a man fishing in the canal in 1890.
Not AzRebel

I don't go back to the twenties, but I damn sure swam in the ditches. I even swam across the Grand Canal to escape a Phoenix Cop (not Cal). The canal was the city limits at that time.
see the Crew on Sunday.

But did U shoot the flumes and miss the barb wire?

Ramjet, in 55 myself and Eddie Valdez and i hid underwater in the irrigation ditch on 27th Avenue and Northern from MCSO.
We had jumped the fence into the Northern Drive Inn only to get chased back over the fence.
I never got to water ski behind a vehicle on the canals.

Today A Rogue Fight Club meeting was held at Park Central. In attendance were six long time posting verbal fighters teamed up against the Sun City small ball bowling champ who despite a non white uniform defended himself well. Ramjet was
re-elected president since he was born in downtown Phoenix (Central and Columbus) in 1492. 2 hours passed quickly. No future meetings were scheduled in anticipation of the CIA requiring the next Mapstone mystery being subject to extensive redaction.
Hasta luego

Park Central briefly returned to its roots as the bullshit was almost as deep as when it was the Central Avenue Dairy.
I will use LBJ statement about re-election/
Great time though.

In awe; i was simply in the presence of greatness. No, trump wasn't there, not even don the junior. Truly a fascinating cast of characters; ya sure you betcha.

The only way it could have been better is if the Rogue himself and former Phonecian soleri could have stopped by. My god, i might have had the "big one" right then and there.

Seriously gang, thanks for the invite. I know Sun City barely qualifies as part of the mystique you all share. But in time, i suspect i will be able to woo you to this amazing enclave where we all live into immortality.

I did note, i was the only one wearing shorts. Really? Long pants? My goodness i felt i was in church...but alas, it was only Starbucks. Such a shame i spent the first 15 minutes at the wrong one. Tough when i get outside these "white walls."

Bill, I look forward to visiting the Del Webb Museum in Sin City. I will try and get to that via Grand Avenue by April. Was good meeting you. Liked your reading habits and Union organizing background work.
Shorts, WTF? Real men (me and Ramjet) wear levis that you only wash once a year. Some years. Unless your name is Jon, then its suit and tie, and, Martinis stirred not shaken.

I’m trying to find out more information about a travel court (tourist cabins)/ gas station that my grandfather had in the mid-1920’s that, at the time was on the outskirts of Phoenix but would be right downtown now. The only unique identifier, according to my late father who was about 5 or 6 at the time, was that they kept caged golden eagles as a tourist attraction. My grandfather’s family made the move from Wisconsin to Phoenix because my grandmother had tuberculosis and going to the desert was the “cure”. Little did they know that it was the worst thing to do for tuberculosis, but I digress. I know it’s a long shot because my dad would be 99 this year but maybe someone might know travel court history. In my recent trip from Wisconsin to Tucson via Rt. 66 I stayed in vintage motels that were built on that model. Thanks.

We natives prefer jeans to shorts as it is still officially winter.

I can only smile Jerry, because as i was leaving the house i looked at a pair of jeans and thought: i should probably wear long pants given the dynamic of the group i was invited to be with. For real.

It was pointed out, had JT been there, coat and tie would have been more appropriate. Any truth to that rumor Rogue?

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