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November 25, 2019


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What do you do with the people in society who proudly advertise their mania?

Xirs, this is an amazing display of psychosis. Remember when I asked … if the Mueller Report amounted to nothing, would you still refused to entertain the possibility that Trump was not a Kremlin puppet?

No amount of evidence would ever satisfy your madness. As we learn more, it is beginning to appear as though the previous administration(s) engaged in the very profitable enterprise of defrauding the American public and monetizing their government positions. When we get to the bottom of the Ukraine pay for play, maybe we can move on to more countries. More frauds. More crime. How many do we give foreign aid to?

I hate the "OK Boomer" trend, but this post necessitates it. These memes don't even make you laugh, do they? Instead they make you angry. D- Memes, if you can even consider these sad .jpgs to be.

OK Boomer. Remember! "You're on the wrong side of history" and YOU'RE ALL CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY BOTS.

Puerile and beneath Rogue.

Noam Chomsky: "Another four years of Donald Trump would deliver nightmarish blows to democracy and social rights, handing an unthinkable mandate to a president who has become notorious for undermining virtually everything of decent value to humanity."

I'm not sure how a moderate could undo the social, racial and class damage this guy has done.

How can you satirize something that is already an exaggerated, grotesque parody of itself? Mark Twain himself couldn't mine a laugh out of this tragicomedy.

ὀστρακισμός = Russian troll?

Maybe a Russian Barber in Phoenix.

Tally. While not the intellectual stuff Jon normally produces maybe a break of SNL chit is occasionally called for?


Yep - anyone to the right of sending your preteen in for puberty blockers and a sex change is a Russian troll! Fear me and my bot farm!

Sometimes I think Greek letter dude is Emil, but he's too brief.

Maybe he took time off to study Hemingway?

Bad Hemingway maybe.
Probably just another sad little libertarian, high on Drudge and puffed up by that embarrassment in the White House, pretending to be so much more worldly wise than he actually is, and hoping we will think so, too.
Like his idol, Traitor Don, his 15 minutes are almost up.
In the immortal words of Mr. T, "I pity the fool."


A trumpist libertarian?

Trillion dollar current budget deficits, erratically imposed tariffs and trump direct and public attacks on Fortune 500 CEOs who don't fall in line. The libertarian pretense of the Republican Party has been discarded and its true reactionary essence shines brightly over the land.

RC. Happy thanksgiving.Is Muecke still a republican?If so I am sure he would be called a Rino.

I’m against Trump as much as the next guy... but really? This is some truly low brow content. I agree that a sense of humor is truly vital in making it through these times. And while I don’t want to be a hater, I gotta admit, none of these images are all that funny. Stick to the thinkpieces, you’re better suited for ‘em.


That cis-gendered, toxically masculine, white-privileged, western-literary-colonizer?

As if. I'm way more woke than that.

Ostracism, sorry about the Hemingway thought. Personally i never cared for his stuff. But he is a good study of writing brevity.
So you are a WOKE Russian barber?
PS, they are closing the coffee drive up at Central and Camelback.
Maybe Jon's right, Emil reincarnated?

The Superstitions are covered in mist and clouds. Maybe a touch of snow.
Back to my coffee and Flan.

Being honest and objective, some of them were crude and over-the-top. However the organizational flow chart was spot on. Hard to believe what has happened to the grand old party isn't it?

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the past 4 years is how those who have sold their souls and compromised their values will try and pitch it once the donald is gone. That alone will be worth the price of admission.

Nice article :)

So curious as to why there this post of sub-par memes, but absolute crickets when it comes to the impeachment saga.

This isn't news to the leftists here, is it?

Or do you know its all fake?

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