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November 05, 2019


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This tweet sums it up best:

Why do millennials complain all the time?

idk man, we watched 2000 people die on live tv when we were ten and then literally nothing ever got better

OK Boomer just shows me how short sighted and spoiled the smug Millennial generation is.

A lot of them are young. They still have no real world experience.
A lot of them haven't worked more than in the service industry or office jobs.
Many of them only have the insular college social eco-system to call on for reference how to interact in society.

None of this provides them with the tools to function in the real world long term, and sends them home to live with their parents, which they're insulting constantly with this smug "OK BOOMER" motto of theirs. I wonder if they can see past their own nose to understand the very implications of this. The people they're hurting emotionally.

And I say this as an old Millennial.

I dont think it fits but allegedly I am of "The Silent Generation"
but I am still alive and protesting as I always have.
See attached chart for who you are?

Another article to divide us against one another. WE of the RC are not fooled, but others are or at least make a buck off a tee-shirt.

I work with Millennials. I have several Millennial (adult) children. I'm rooting for them and trying to help them where I can. They want what everyone wants, but the obstacles are different than when I was young. The world is not the one of the Cold War. They have no memory of that era. They remember the eternal "War on Terror" and the eternal fear of school shootings and how every single election seems to have some sort of irregularity (starting in 2000). They saw the housing crash and how no one was held responsible. They saw a Recession that hasn't really ended. They have student loan debt that is unreal. They were sold on the idea of 'go to college' and ran up huge debt because they were encouraged to by parents, schools, teachers, leaders, marketing, etc.

Don't discount them. We have so much more in common with each other than we realize.

What we have is the deconstruction of civil society till "survival of the fittest" brings humans to a dead end.
Will ole Roger and i live to see Arizona have 30 million folks and the planet 30 billion?
My 30 summer neighbors is back to its winter 300.
Welcome, Canadians, soil bankers, snow birds, Central Anericans, and the homeless camping in the desert arroyas and beneath the Mesquite trees.

"OK boomer? Don't fall for it. Generational warfare only benefits the destructive demagogues of whatever age group."

While I totally agree, I'm glad that, according to polls I've seen, a lot of millenials view climate change as a real crisis. A lot of boomers I know think of it as a problem for the younger people.

iGen/Gen Z Greta Thunberg

"Scares some men silly"

I really have enjoyed Greta's in your face comments. However I have been informed that it's silly to take them serious since she is not yet 25.
I am glad my brain never got that old.


Ok boomer.

The retort isn’t solely based on the age of a person, it’s based on a mindset. It’s for those who will never be convinced by science or someone else’s lived experiences.

I thought better of you than this shitty take.

Young people are fed up with the mindset exemplified by cut and paste news headlines informing us that millenials are seemingly killing off every facet of American culture. Ok boomer seems like a fair, sarcastic retort against this endless cycle of blame put on younger generations for not meeting such arbitrary standards. Tyler is precisely correct in that “ok boomer” has more to do with a mindset than a person’s age. Young people mockingly use the joke against each other—you don’t have to actually be a boomer to be a target, but I suppose that if you are a boomer, the nuance is lost on you.

Like a lot of Gen Z culture, it was never meant to be taken seriously in the first place—but here we all are writing and responding to opinion pieces centered on a dumb internet meme.

Well said, Roger (I’m a millennial).

I would define the generations as:

Children of the depression - No stuff generation

Boomers - Stuff generation

Boomer's children - much more stuff generation.

Boomer's grandchildren - even more stuff generation.

Who provides all the stuff? China.

When the generations finally run out of "stuff" to acquire, then logically you move to standing in line 12 to 24 hours to get White Castle hamburgers. Fighting and killing in order to get a chicken sandwich at Popeyes.


Good points.
Was at Acadia Farms in Scottsdale yesterday. Crowd frenze, inconsiderate people hurrying nowhere, failing to stop and look, no parking, crazy drivers, freeways jammed.

Sounds like February in November. Did you stop in the Poison Pen while you were in the neighborhood Cal?

I did.

I have a hard time with the credibility of someone sporting 1000's of dollars worth of tattoos, with their nose stuck in a $1000 phone, bitching about paying back student loans. And does anything scream "moronic" louder than a backward baseball cap?



I worked with a young man who would show up Monday morning with a sunburned nose and a sunburned triangle in the middle of his forehead. He complained about the pain and itching caused by his condition. Us older folks used to tell him that he could solve the problem by turning his hat facing forward. He would look at us as if we had just stepped off an alien spaceship. We gave up after several years.

UV lobotomy

You're right of course--but at the same time there's something true in a literary (if not literal) sense about a boomer identity that connects the otherwise dissimilar characters of George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Both could simultaneously believe in a positive vision and act in villainous, self-interested ways. And I disagree on Warren. She will eviscerate Trump.

Rueben, re: the stuff generation - brilliant.

But will she wun the electoral college?

Win !!

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