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August 05, 2019


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My "no" votes are in the mail. Thanks for reminding me why both initiatives are bogus. I suspect all civic solutions proposed by the Cissydude. As for 106 specifically, it is just wrong to allow an unlimited budget (that could include a lot of empty carbs) for public safety while forcing other Phoenix public services to follow a post gastric bypass meal plan.

Jon, you really know how to assemble all the facts and present them lucudly. Our two NO votes are in the mail as, I trust, are thousands more. One of the biggest threats to democracy is misinformation. Those who would lie to voters, or even muddle the issues, are anathema to self-determination. The true sabotage here is that this proposition goes well beyond any gripes a South Central merchant might have about construction disruption. This prop attacks any and all rail of any kind, in perpetuity! That's precisely what the Koch Gang wants. They don't give a rip about what is best for the South Phoenix community. They'd like to kill rail of all types. Everywhere. In the entire country. Just as Phoenix said "no" to Donald Trump years ago when he sought a zoning variance on East Camelback, it needs to resoundingly say "no" to the Kochs on August 27.

Good luck.There are a lot of folks opposed that reside from Central Avenue to 1-10 from Southern Avenue to the foothills of South Montana. Interestingly, driving down Camelback Road from Scottsdale to Phoenix are signs for a yes vote on both propositions.

There was actually a flyer that we got in South Mountain that claimed Catherine Miranda was on the "Yes" side. That's false - she is against the measure.
Our No votes on both propositions will be in the mail on Friday. I will keep harping on people to vote against both of these destructive measures.

I'm seeing 'vote yes' on both props up in Paradise Valley and north of there. I keep wanting to rip them out of the ground.

I will be voting 'no' if and when my mail in ballot comes (which is strange, I have been getting one for years and have yet to receive one).

Better check Roger. They mailed them out a couple of weeks ago

- I don't believe I've read as disingenuous an article, absent of so many facts, and instead packed with intentionally misleading words - near zero actual factual information - that you clearly could have included - and chose to leave it out. The comments of followers are so typical - no one is aware of the facts of this light rail system, and seem perfectly willing to allow someone to mislead them. - SAD indeed.

Barry spouted a lot of nonsense and provided no information? Bad indeed!

No and no.

You educated me and convinced me. Well done.

No and no (sent in last week). A friend of a friend was the guy that sold Trump that land. He got his price, but he left the meeting disoriented and wondering what the hell just happened!

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