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August 20, 2019


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I quit pro sports in 64.

Jon, I agree with you. I have attended every opening day Diamondbacks game since 1998. As an on again, off again season ticket holder, I have attended over 400 games. I can make it from my home in South Phoenix to my seat in 15 minutes.

A few years ago, when the Diamondbacks starting to beat the drum about moving out of Chase Field, I emailed Derrick Hall and stated that I will not attend any more games if the Diamondbacks move out of the downtown area.

When I retire in a few years, my wife and I are going to purchase a condo downtown. It would be nice to walk to the Diamondbacks games. If the Diamondbacks move from downtown, I can use the money that I was going to use on season tickets to purchase a nicer condo.

Knock down the ballpark and parking garage. Maricopa County owns the property and building affordable housing near the light rail line would makes sense.

Genuinely confused by the double standard here.

The Diamondbacks drew 2.2 million fans last year. At no point in their history have they drawn fewer than 2 million. Even during bad seasons (and they've had their fair share) they bring a lot of people downtown.

By contrast, the Suns drew about 629,000 last year. Even at their peak in the mid-2000s, they drew more than 750k fans just once. At their best, they bring about a third as many fans to the central core during a given season that a mediocre Diamondbacks team did.

There are obvious reasons for that: they play twice as many games in a stadium that holds more than twice as many people. But I really don't understand why the Suns deserve the benefit of the doubt and the Diamondbacks don't. Kendrick's a ghoul, but Sarver's no saint either.

I'm a fan of both teams, and no fan of publicly funded stadiums in in any sport. But for my part, the DBacks' looming situation was part of why I didn't support the Suns' renovations. That money makes it much more of a challenge to keep a much bigger draw downtown.

But hey, at least the Suns paid for a practice center (in one of Phoenix's several fake downtowns): https://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/nba/suns/2019/04/18/phoenix-suns-planning-stages-practice-facility-arena-renovations/3493774002/

Phoenix champions failed expectations. An anti big city, reasonable direction has spokes extending so distant from the hub that 411th Street was created.

Professional sports devotion in this territory is dust in the desert wind.

Couldn't agree more, the "big four" franchises all belong downtown. It's too late for the Cardinals. The problem the Coyotes have is exactly because they are in east LA for all practical purposes, after chasing greed. I can't understand why these multimillionaire owners and the city--and ASU-- can't figure out how to share costs and facilities, it happens elsewhere.

Hermes the thief
today is called,
Thats all you need to know about
pro sports.

I hit my red line a while ago. I don't think any public money should go to the multi-millionaires and billionaires who own the teams. I would be sad to lose the teams I root for, but am willing to accept it.

Honestly, is there really going to be an outcry if the Diamondbacks leave downtown PHX?
This market is much closer to the failing MLB markets of Oakland, Miami or Tampa. Arizona has a fantastically well-supported spring training season, fueled by out-of-state passionate fans, but their product in AZ for the 6 months of the regular season is in serious trouble! Baseball, itself, is quickly dying. An aging (dying) fan base that advertisers don't seek, the complaints of speed of play or the general slow, boring nature of a 162 game season, the future of the MLB as we know it is in peril.
Local tv ratings are the best news teams can brag about & the Diamondbacks have cashed in on that with a 20 year/$1.8 Billion contract. But national ratings for World Series games have a quarter of an audience that a regular season Sunday Evening NFL matchup.
The interest in baseball in this market does not justify any large publicly funded projects for a new ballpark.
If the team wants to move on to a reservation in a building built from funding from gaming revenues of a tribe, so be it. If Portland, Vegas or Montreal want to poach the team away from AZ, I'll wish them the best.

Have pretty much lost all interest in all sports. The teams in Phoenix are uninspiring, have expensive food, tickets, and uncomfortable seats. Good players and coaches are sent packing and thrive with other teams. Good riddance if they will not pay their own way.

Sports is no different than any other form of entertainment, except that it is much more expensive than many forms of entertainment.

Some sports teams have civic-minded owners, but for the most part, they will always take the best deal they can get. The absurd saga of the San Diego Chargers shows that owners will sometimes even make a move that is to their own detriment just out of hubris.

I believe that Phoenix has become a big enough media market that our sports franchises know they are unlikely to be able to move from the Valley to any other metro area that is not significantly smaller than ours. Generally, there just aren't any open "spots" in bigger cities, and the leagues all restrict who is allowed to move and to which location(s).

My hope is that the Valley cities and the SRPMIC do not get into a competition over any sports team but rather work together. There's absolutely no point in one Valley city spending a ton of tax dollars to lure a local team to move 10-20 miles from another Valley city.

I predicted the lite rail election wrong.
Sal and the Koch's got beat!


lol @ Octane. That is great!

I've all kinds of concerns about the ownership of the Diamondbacks. Their use of the Trump Administration to force the EPA to give approval for the destruction of a free flowing riparian area in southern Arizona was really a punch in the face to our state.

I was so afraid we would lose the light rail, enough to consider my future here. We *need* public transit systems.

As to soccer- go to a Rising game. It is so much fun. The energy is tangible and the fans are energetic and fun.

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