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August 28, 2019


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Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photographs!

Thanks for the photos, particularly the 1935 Great Sonoran Desert photos, with my favorite trees, Sajuaros!

Two minor quibbles:
1) Precambrian rocks on Camelback are 2 billion years old, not 2 million.
2)"Tenderfoots attempting the ascent of this wilderness" stretches the meaning of the word wilderness rather too far. Echo Canyon trail has more foot traffic than Metrocenter mall these days. That ain't a wilderness.
But am I complaining? Heck no! I'm in a good mood - we just kicked two Koch-funded propositions into the trash! It's all good today!

Thanks for the catch, Dan. But it is a wilderness not a mall.

Camelback Mountain 2019 does not fit my definition of a Wilderness. There are people on the trails all day and at nite aided with headlamps.
Wilderness IMHO is void of man made objects and noise. The only sound is the scream of silence.

PS. Fools requiring rescue off the mountain should pay the bill.

Coyotes, raccoons, chukawallas, squirrels, and Gila monsters. Seen all of these on Camelback Mtn.

Me too, Jerry,
but not so much as 60 years ago.
But now because of the increasing heat they are coming for food and water.
Still a few Chuckawallas but nary a
Horn Toad or a Desert Tortoise.
There are few wildernesses left and the greed monsters are trying to destroy the planets grestest lung and biological Wilderness.
And "Standby", were about to nuke Mars and hurricanes.
I am surprised that a real Monkey Wrench gang has not strongly arisen.

One of the most memorable experiences of my outdoor life was standing, in the sun, on top of Camelback as a heavy cloud layer below me was raining on the lower two thirds of Camelback. I could hear the rain and the small streams that were popping up, if only for a few minutes.

As far as quibbles, I checked in with the most qualified of Arizona historians/geologists(Sylvia Allen) and was informed that all the layers of Camelback mountain were formed 6,000 years ago during the homo erectus/ dinosaur era. Of course, she didn't use the phrase "homo" or "erectus" because, you know, that religious thing. I take her at her word since she is the point person in Arizona education.

Ruben, God help us if Sylvia (Whack a doodle) Allen is the point person for anything that matter She is still living in the eighteenth century.


In defense of my profession (archivist/librarian/historian), I object to including Ms. Allen in our ranks, even if done in jest. We are a tribe obsessionally devoted to evidence and reason, after all, qualities admittedly in short supply around much of the Arizona Legislature.

It has been my contention for a very long time that the desert uniquely attracts dreamers, cranks, curmudgeons, those who can't get along with others, self-appointed prophets, misanthropes, and Those Who Throw Off Strong Reality-Distortion Fields. I have viewed the Coperhaver Castle as a project of one of those, albeit one with a lot of money to burn.

The desert is arguably responsible for at least three of the world's major religions, the Amargosa Opera House, Death Valley Scotty, Slab City, Las Vegas, the FLDS, and Ed Abbey. Need I say more?

Cactus Ed as God?
I like that.
The others are just fake news.
I'll try to figure out
"strong reality-distortion fields"??

Strong reality-distortion fields"
Steve Jobs as the Captain in Star Trek?

Ps. I am a crank, a dreamer and a curmudgeon that likes living deep in the quiet desert. I prefer a coyote, a hawk or a horntoad over a human any day.
Sajuaro Cal.

Thanks, Jon, for these wonderful photos and memories. Those of us who live near the mountain also enjoy amazing waterfalls when the storms come in from the west, not to mention bobcats and javelinas, Costas hummingbirds and Hooded Orioles ....

But its not 1935. Or 1910.
Teddy runied it in 1911.
How much more asphalt will it take to cover the desert?
How many more Ned Warrens and Charlie Keatings will it take to bulldoze the Great Sonoran desert into oblivion?

Why Camelback mountain should have been part of a Road-less Wilderness of all of New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada.
T Malthus is still relevant
7.7 billion and growing!

Ms. Allen needs to go back to Geology school.

Dudas, u change your name?

whats The deal with farming in city limits the mountain looks nice as Alwys , and Arcadia wawa

Services galore forgive d stops on iPad yo

Nah, Cal, I just decided to change my persona.

Well maybe coffee at the Tohono Chul bistro with no masks?

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