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July 22, 2019


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"Only about one-third of Americans today were alive in 1969 to see Apollo 11"...

That never occurred to me and might explain what appeared to be a lack of interest in the anniversary.
Some great stuff on PBS though.

1n 1950 Phoenix was a nice "town."
And the slope was 5 miles away
in the quiet desert.
But the pols changed that in 59.

I drove through the Slope last night and noted that the Mountain View Market is gone. But the "Do Drop In" is still in business. The mesquite bush at 9822 N 3rd Street has since grown in the Sonoran desert soil(since 1950) to almost obscure the house.
My friends say Phoenix was a nice village in the 30's and early 40's.

1969. I was here.

The next year, while I was at ASU, I had a part-time job in a business at 16th Street and Thomas, and after my classes I would drive over the little pass between the Papago Buttes to go to work. That year, 1970, for the first time I saw an inversion layer trapping smog, just like in Los Angeles.

We were on the cusp of a million residents, metro area. Already too many??

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