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June 19, 2019


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Where will the water come from?

Jon, its old people! Next time you are in Phoenix take about a 6 hour drive between far west Buckeye and east of Gold Canyon. They are even building homes in Peralta Canyon for old people. And in Phoenix its ugly 3 or more story apartments everywhere. And Extended Stay continues to build. The Valley of the Sun will be a safe place from the rising sea levels as the glaciers continue to melt at a phenomenal pace. Oh well the planet will deal with humans by 2100 as it provides catastrophes reducing the human population by at least 6 billion. Remaining will be hunter gathers and Bankers.

You, Cal, are an optimist on two counts. 2100 (2050 if we are lucky), and those rising water levels will be at least marginally saline based and won't do much for the looming water crisis here. I doubt we will be much of a safe haven.

The folks who are really profiting in PHX are the large scale landlords. They keep turning over their properties and jacking the rents. I am on the mailing list of an income property broker and the progression is stunning, while so many people I know with good - if not great - jobs are "to poor to stay, no money to move". I have no idea how anyone who doesn't have an income in excess of 60k or a trust fund lives here unless they bought a house in 2009. Of course, those are exactly the people who lost their houses in 2009, so there you go. The only question in this game of musical chairs is who will still be here when the music stops.


Succinct analysis, Jon. The overarching problem in metro Phoenix (and, you know I've consistently harped on this) is the lack of love for and commitment to the place. Outsiders love the scenery and winter weather but residents don't hold a "patriotism" for the place like residents of other places. That's where the problem starts. The "shakers" here are around mostly to exploit the millions who live here for their own personal reasons. There's no real community esprit de corps. People have been conditioned by the shallow suburban potentates (who themselves care only about Glendale or Gilbert) and the mediocre media to call the place "the Valley." What more meaningless, colorless way to refer to a discrete place than that? Not only are they not proud of "Phoenix," they don't even like to use the word. It is a self-defeating pathology.

Jeez, sounds like Phoenix has nothing to complain about. At least they did not make like the leaders of Pinal County and decide that they would make prisons the biggest employer in the county. Sad... all those people I went to school with now dealing with PTSD, low pay and the threat of being hurt by criminals. Way to go Pinal County Board of Supervisors.... :(

For many years i have heard some say
"we should annex Mexico."
If you havent noticed Phoenix is being annexed. Maryvale is now West Mexico and if you drive the east side streets from Broadway to Thomas, welcome to East Mexico. I love the great signs, Llantas aqui and the many murals that have arisen. Check out Oak Street between 14th and 15th street.
We are here gringos!
Tu amigo. Gringo pata saluda, Cal!

Colleen, my friends in the Historic districts get offers every day for their old houses. So if you got the $$$$ one can put in a bid for the coming new luxury condos next to the big Cigna medical facility at 3rd street and Earl.

I believe we should have a Malthusian world recognized holiday.

PS, i left a comment on the Union Station article.

The Valley's leading industry appears to be growth. Not growing, but growth. Phoenix water managers told me that they had decoupled economic growth from water usage all while listening to the beginning of the end of Agriculture in Pinal county. I will miss the days of locally grown foods, including the massive amount of cattle and chicken that are fed by the alfalfa grown there. And if they think that won't impact the cities, they are crazy.

As to the importation of hispanics- awesome. I fail to see the problem with mixing and integrating cultures. The murals are always welcome as are the taco trucks.

But my heart is heavy. The city is getting too big for me. I may find my way to Tucson, where the growth is more limited, the people are more conscious of their place in the desert and our southern neighbor is a shorter drive away.

Roger, Try WHY! Or how bout AJO!

Restructure the Arizona University System to provide greater accessibility, affordability, and accountability to a public university education for many more Arizonans:

Roger, have you heard the approval is "in" to build thousands of houses near the San Pedro near Benson? And houses continue to go up on 10 and 19 as you go east or south from Tucson. Of course Trump is right climate change is fake news as those folks moving here are doing such only to play golf year around and get a tan.

From the front pages
Despite new law, Trump administration has not given Puerto Rico emergency food stamp aid.

Puerto Rico like California will be punished by Trump.

I have, Cal. That as well as the mine that will essentially ruin a beautiful part of the region. The state is gripped by construction developers.

We are a world away from the idiots running DC and NYC. I hate that their decisions impact us and we have little recourse in the matter.

As to Why or Ajo, are there jobs?

No but we could ooen a coffeeshop bookstore old person hangout. Might make a buck or two when the illegal Canadians are in.

"Laws change; people die;
the land remains"
Abraham Lincoln

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