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May 28, 2019


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The pic of Phoenix is how I remember Phoenix when I got here in 1966. I vividly remember driving my father-in-laws 1955 Chevy up central to Thomas and bobs big boy. Lots of landscaping and palm trees that have since been pulled out to cater to our car fetish. I often wonder if we knew then what we know now about co2 if we wouldn’t gladly take the car.

The murals definitely have survived and are still in place. The City of Phoenix owns the building and it is my understanding that one of the easements requires that it always be a postoffice. I would check on that though. I object to the "marking of the dog" behavior with the ASU sign on all the sides. UGH!

I drive by the Post Office and Westward Ho every day coming home from the downtown Y. Glad both buildings are still around, but both need some love...

Nice article. I always liked that building a lot. I agree it would be nice if the main post office was downtown and the historic building was more than a customer service desk. I suppose the way the PO works nowadays they want a main location with lots of parking lot space for route trucks and employees.

I wonder if any city has a main post office downtown built in the last 20 years that could be considered an architectural showpiece in the mold of the old Phoenix one.

Judging by the cars in the Salad Bowl picture, I'd say that was probably the Jan 2, 1950 game. I'm guessing the parade was on New Years Day. The Buick woody wagon in the foreground (beautiful!) is a 1950 model and I couldn't see anything else that looked newer. It could be 51 or 52, but I would bet 50.

I really like post office buildings because there are so many of them extant that I find many of them across the country exist for every epoch, in all manner of shapes and sizes.

I find myself in the historic downtown post office once or twice a year and it seems to be staying busy. I don't really understand what ASU does with the building but at least I can still go there and purchase USPS services.

Some tough Front Page stories!
Some that should be frightening the planets inhabits.
The sad one, the LA story, and the one i see every time i drive inner Phoenix is,

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