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March 23, 2019


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I was proud to personally know two young, successful persons who purchased condos in downtown Phoenix and were going to be my sources of "the latest lowdown" of how things were going in the new downtown phoenix.

And of all the dang things, they up and sold their places and moved to Austin, TX.

Guess they voted with their feet.

Now, I'm back to cal's drive throughs and the freak show that is on display in the New Times.

Buena Suerte

Concerning the new mayor: I don't like career politicians. I strongly dislike career politician couples. I realize they are divorced, however, these two, Kate and Ruben will haunt the state for decades. Too bad.


Benghazi hearings - Distract the sheeple for two years while mischief is done during the distraction. Check. Job accomplished.

Mueller investigation - Distract the sheeple for two years while mischief is done during the distraction. Check. Job accomplished.

I'm so tired of this so called two party system. May both parties and all their followers burn in hell.

Inhale deeply, eat, sleep, when you wake up:



I wrote-off all of the mayoral candidates after the debates that took place in late 2018.

The question "would you accept refugees?"

A silly question was met with equally silly answers.

It seems the mayoral candidates have never walked the streets of Phoenix - especially the downtown core. We obviously can't take care of our own Phoenicians who are in desperate condition, but still they want to care for the poor of the world.

You're the mayor of Phoenix - act appropriately.

We live in an age of virtue signaling - where ironically faux-virtue carries more weight than true virtue and the California-ization of Arizona continues.

But really, you know why I'm posting. It isn't because of some crazy lefty Mayor. It's because over the last 2+ years you and most of the folks here have been living in an alternate reality. I want to see if you've broken out.

Really though, chances are you haven't. You've been living a lie for more than two years - its difficult to break the conditioning. Are these still desperate hours? Are the walls closing in on Trump? Is this the "beginning of the end of the Trump Administration?"

Please, do tell. Do post. Those of us living in reality want to let you out of the insane asylum - but first you have to take your medicine.

Gallego has been here only 15 years, and that is concerning. So is the snoot factor from having a Harvard degree. (One of the greatest services rendered to the American republic would be the CLOSING DOWN of Harvard. But ain't gonna happen.)

Repeat with me: Elitism is un-American.

The cheap housing - call center jobs feedback loop is one Phoenix desperately needs to break.

So, Kate....

Reality: The world is not White!

Note: The Tempe Library will be closed April 1, 2019 in honor of Cesar Chavez.

Let's stay on topic, please.

De acuredo.
Lo Siento.
The white elitist was a bad choice.
Reminds me of Saint Janet flying to Salt Lake shortly after she won an LDS Arizona election.
However my 320 square foot home on wheels and i are out of the Phoenix City limits in the great Sonoran desert. Whats left if it.

The mayor's contest had the appearance of a capitalist vs a socialist. There a lot of private enterprise folks out there that would do away with tax supported fire department ambulance and para medic reponse teams.
No matter who is mayor, nor the technology, i do not believe Phoenix will ever be a "Mega" city. But die in the throes of a flaming solar heat.
Thats all the "Good News" from Cactus Ed and his pal, Cal.

Related side bar. Elected Democrat Arizona Senator just voted with the GOP against that down town Brooklynite alleged communist.

Sinema has sold out cal.

Gallegos has many challenges ahead, let’s hope she has the brains and political savvy to navigate the city council and unions. Her opponent made a big mistake taking Republican money and adverts. The union support hurt too — who gets a pension anymore? Not us out on the economy, and the pension bubble may drag the city down.

Pensions are possible given Good "Honest" fund managers and proper contributions from the employees and employers. And private companies are not allowed to deny earned pensions by "claiming" bankruptcy.
The Police/Fire "Drop program" was a good idea for retaining competent investigators but was ill concieved and administered and should have been separate from the normal retirement plan.
As i recall i gave this advise to a Drop Program originator in 77 and/or 89.

I don't think Sinema sold out. She is trying to survive in a GOP-LDS arena.
I seem to recall she left the church boys chior practice. a long time ago.

Ah, the purity doctrine/litmus test never gets old, a couple of votes that aren't perfect in the eye of the beholder and Sinema has "sold out." Exactly the view that will get Trump re-elected. At least the Dems won't get to shoot themselves in the foot in the Senate race for McCain's old seat by nominating another can't-win candidate like they did for governor.

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