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March 12, 2019


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RC. I kept hoping for Ellers foray into the ice cream business and his venture as Swensons He persuaded my bother to be president of the company and move to Florida. Elder sold it from out from under him and he came back to Phoenix to run a successful Cleaning product company. He recently retired and I would like your take on ellers Swenson period.

Mike, I'm not aware of Swenson's. I suspect it was a casualty of his Circle K-era disasters.

Though I'm not really sure if billboards and bankrupting Circle K contributed anything positive to Phoenix's quality of life, I will agree that the "old stewards", in addition to wanting to make a tasty profit, at least cared a little about the town.

I'm not sure that the soup billionaire, the cheap tire billionaire, and the phony university billionaires, do.

John W "Jack" Swilling?

Sorry to hear of his passing. My Dad went to Tucson High with Karl Eller and they wound up in the same frat at the UofA. He particular remembered encountering Eller on the first day of classes at the UofA; the registration lines were pretty long, and Eller was making a killing by selling sandwiches to the students waiting in line.

Billboards are a blight on the landscape, and Karl fought against compliance with Tucson dark skies.

Doctor Tally is correct. Fortunately there are some still dark places in and around Tucson. But I fear the infill between Tucson and Benson and too the south border with Mexico will continue and next we will import an artificial moon from China.

Dr. John Talley and John Tally are separate entities going about their lives in The Old Pueblo. Thanks anyway, Cal.

PS, Charles Bowden was my friend.
Ill be in town mid July.
And i wrote about 1200 words for some Tucson professors in a book soon to be published about Chuck
Heres to the Dark Side
Hasta luego

Eller hired me in 1978 as his VP-Marketing at Combined Communications. He was also Swenson's largest franchisee, owning the stores in Arizona. When he did the Gannet deal and had his fall out with Neuharth, he bought Swenson's from its founder, Earl Swenson, and moved the company to Phoenix. His management team at Combined then moved over to Swenson's. Larry Wilson became president, I was VP-Marketing. Eller was the most charismatic person I worked for, a classic entreprenauer. Loved working for him.

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